June 29, 2018

Top Five Richest Football Players of 2018

Million Dollar Kicks

They have the the most admirable football skills in the world, praised even as legendary names to play in history. Their every evasive attack, kicks and goals means a lot not just for their teams, but for the country they represent. Being named as legendary playmakers of their time, it’d be no wonder if they’d also have the biggest net worth the sports betting brokerage has ever had.

These 5 players top our list of the richest Football figures in 2018:

1: Neymar Junior

The Brazilian star earned a whopping amount of $213m in his recent 2016-2017 transfer to Paris Saint Germain. News has it that Neymar gained 73$ salary and were paid 17$m for endorsements, a total of 90$m on a yearly salary. Why he’s not expensive, he’s just the face of several international sponsors such as Red Bull, Nike, Gillette, Beat by Dre and Mcdonalds. After 2018, Neymar may allegedly leave PSG, and his fee after doing so may ranked up around 400$m, so his next club should definitely be ready, financially speaking.

2: Lionel Messi

The most popular football player by far, Lionel Messi is credited as one of richest stud on the Football market. Lionel’s $202.2m demand in the transfer market steals attention, but considering his exceptional ability on the court and and juvenile age of 30, it’s rightfully fair for him do so. The Argentine star receives an approximately $111m which is summed from his 84$m salary and $27m endorsements pays. He endorses different top-brands nowadays such as Adidas, Gatorade, Pepsi, Hawkers and Huawei.

3: Cristiano Ronaldo

The 33-year old Portuguese star comes third in list, yet still widely known for his humble bearings despite earning a gross net of 108$m, both from his 61$m annual salary and 47$m endorsements. He gains such advertisement features with his elite partnership with some of the biggest deals on the market today, including Nike, Herbalife, American Tourister, CR7 products and EA Sports.

4: Harry Kane

English’s team captain and newest Tottenham Hotspur star Harry Kane never came cheap for his sensational goals for both teams. The 24 years old English playmaker’s demand transfer is around €194.7m, and sports critics says it’s definitely worth it, considering his two recent Golden Boot in England for the last 2 years. This enigmatic forward’s gross net worth is assured to rake up to 90-£90m during his six years stay with Hotspur. We’d expect Kane to have substantial earnings with his advertisement deals with Nike, Beats by Dre, Lucozade Sport and BT Sport.

5: Paul Pogba

Earning a total of $29.5m annually for his 25$m salary and 4.5$m endorsement, France’s Midfielder Paul Pogba fills in our list as the 5th richest Football player. He was categorized as the richest French player after Manchester United made a gross pay of £89m to Juventus to have Paul back . The 25 years old footballer is said to earn £290,000 on a weekly basis, and an approximate of £1.26m per month. To add up to his upscaled income, Paul signed up a one decade deal with Adidas that was reportedly done with 31$ million in contract.

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