Why France is one historic team

The flaring, proud flag of France’s football team has been ascending in the FIFA World Cup for years; creating a buzz on the online sports community every now and then. As one of the teams to have won the World Cup title, it’s interesting enough to know a few facts that make France a contender to watch for this year.

Here are five facts you need to know about the Les Rouge et Blanc:

France’s national football team was created in 1904—the same year FIFA was founded.

It might have been a historical coincidence, but going back to the sport’s history table, France’s football team just came in around the time football’s prestigious association was founded. That same year, they played against Belgium in Brussels which was recorded to have ended in a 3-3 draw.

On 12th February 1905, France won their first-ever home match against Switzerland.

It was said to have been witnessed by only 500 spectators and a few supporters. The team won the match with a score of 1-0, the lone goal credited to Gaston Cyprus. France’s identity in the sports world was not yet established at that time, not until their victory over Mexico in the first World Cup football matches in 1930.

Retired forward Thierry Henry holds the record for most goals scored for France (51 goals at 123 caps).

With 123 appearances for the team during his international career, Thierry was able to net 51 goals and remains Les Blues’ top goalscorer. Michel Platini comes second with 41 goals scored, and David Trezeguet is at the third spot with 34 goals.

The first-ever World Cup goal was scored by France’s forward.

The guy’s name is Lucien Laurent. He scored the historical goal in the team’s 19-minute game against Mexico on July 13, 1930. In an interview, Laurent stated that he couldn’t have imagined the significance of that goal and that they didn’t know if the World Cup would even last. The FIFA World Cup is now on its 21st installment and Laurent sure did leave his mark on football history.

France’s Goalkeeper Hugo Lloris started playing when he was 11.

France’s current captain Lloris first played at a local football team in Nice, France. He spent three years with Nice and was awarded the Ligue 1’s Goalkeeper of the Year award. He then played for Lyon before joining the international front in 2008. With Lloris’ playing expertise since childhood, it will never be a wonder why he’s indeed one of the men behind the team’s qualification for the World Cup.

France lifted the World Cup trophy in 1998 when they won over Brazil at Stade de France. This is their first and only World Cup win to date and throughout the years, the team continues to excite football fans. They have produced players the likes of Zinedine Zidane and Didier Deschamps (the current manager of France’s national team).

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