June 15, 2018

A Complete and General Guide to European and Asian Handicap Betting

For those new to betting, the handicap market can draw a blank. Just seeing the figures will scare off potential punters as they deem it too complicated. Even those who’ve ventured into it will probably have a hard time explaining how it works. To address these, we’ve created this all-inclusive guide to handicapping.

What is Handicap Betting?

This is a type of betting where positive and negative points are given to teams in a sports event. It’s especially used to level the playing field for unmatched teams and create a balance of prospects. Handicaps serve as an initial advantage/disadvantage given to a theoretically stronger/weaker side. Essentially, they are the assigned scores.

In this World Cup football match between Spain and Portugal, bookmakers surmise Spain will most likely win; thus the negative handicap on the team.What is Handicap Spain v Portugal.Read about VOdds sports trading platform.

Let’s say we gave a -1.00 handicap to Spain.

So before the game, the scores with the handicap is this.
(Spain: -1) (Portugal: 0)

In this scenario, Portugal is given the advantage.

If the final score ended at 3-1 in favor of Spain, you will win the bet since they were able to score over one goal and overcame the handicap.

The final scores with the handicap will be:

(Spain: 2) (Portugal:1)

The -1 goal difference was subtracted.

There are two popular types of handicap: European handicap and Asian handicap.

European Handicap

Euro handicap presents three possible outcomes (1 x 2) and does not have decimal values.

Given: Spain -1.00 | Draw -1.00 | Portugal 1.00

– You win if Spain scores with over 2 goal difference in the match after handicap was subtracted. (2:0, 3:1, 5:2, 6:4 and so on).

– Draw/Tie or X: You win if Spain ends with one goal difference, meaning the results will end in a draw after the handicap amount. (1:0, 2:1, 3:2, 5:4, etc.). Other results end in a losing bet.

– You win if Portugal wins or they get a draw. If Spain wins, you lose the bet.

The draw/tie option in European handicaps doesn’t allow refunds. This is where Asian handicap can come in handy.

Asian Handicap

Entrepreneur and gambler Joseph Saumarez Smith is widely credited for coining the term “Asian handicap”. With this form, the tie option is omitted. Left with two outcomes, the standard margin for bookies becomes lower; thereby giving punters more leverage. The Asian handicap can minimize losses and optimize profits since it allows refunds. If results end in a draw after the handicap or the score is exactly at the listed point spread, the bet is settled as “push” and the stake money is refunded. You neither won nor lost with what you wagered. It’s the perfect breakeven.

This handicap type with its decimal figures is also indicative of great risk management. It makes it possible to split your bet. (To refund half the bet and have the other half win/lose).

The decimal points in Asian handicap are as follows: (0.00, 0.25, 0.50, 0.75, 1.00, 1.25, 1.50, 1.75 etc.).

Non-Integral Handicaps: The Decimals Explained

This is known as DNB or the Draw No Bet. It’s a relatively “no risk wager” since you won’t have to allocate points to the teams. If you place 0.00 for Spain and they end up winning, you will straight on win the bet. In case of a draw, you will get the full stake back. If the team lost, you will lose the bet.0.00 Asian Handicap-0.50

Bets on -0.50 handicap win only if the team you selected prevails in the match. You lose in case of a draw or if the other team wins.-0.25 and -0.75
With these figures, your bet will be split into two parts, each one placed on the adjacent handicap amount. So, if you place £/€2000 for Spain on a -0.25 handicap, the bookmaker will split it into two bets of 1000 each for handicaps 0.00 and 0.50 respectively. A 0.75 handicap will be split into 0.50 and 1.00. These figures make for an attractive bet as you can have half-stake push/lose in case of a draw. You don’t totally lose because you can get the second half of your stake amount.-0.25 Asian Handicap-0.75 Asian Handicap-1.00

A -1.00 handicap means the team will have to win by two or more goals in order for the bet to win. A draw or a loss in the match will mean a losing bet.-1.00 Asian HandicapAdd the decimal points to the -1.00 and you’ll have:-1.25 Asian Handicap-1.50 Asian Handicap -2.00 Asian Handicap+0.50
The underdog team with this positive handicap must win or see a draw for you to have the winning bet.+0.50 Asian Handicap+0.25 and +0.75
The only time you’d lose on a 0.25 handicap is if the team fails to win. The other outcomes hold plenty of appeal to bettors. On the one hand, a lost match of just one goal for a 0.75 handicap means you lose 50% of the stake. If the team loses by two or more goal difference, you lose the full stake.+0.25 Handicap+0.75 Asian Handicap+1.00

A lost by one goal would result in a push and a loss by over two goals will result to full-stake loss.+1.00 Asian HandicapProfit and loss report for +1.00 with positive decimal points will be as follows:+1.25 Asian Handicap+1.50 Asian Handicap +1.75 Asian Handicap +2.00 Asian HandicapThe FIFA World Cup is the perfect avenue for anyone to use their football handicapping skills. Register with Eastbridge sports brokerage via Skype and place your handicap bets! Our partner VOdds sports trading platform also offers the best odds and prices for Asian handicap betting.

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