June 14, 2018

Asian Handicap Over/Under & Why it is a Good Football Betting Strategy

Betting Guide: Asian Handicap Over/Under in FootballOver/Under Asian handicap

Are you one of those fans who just can’t choose which team to support because you have several favorites? The Asian Handicap Over/Under or Totals may just be right for you. It’s a common market for new punters since it’s a lot easier to go by than having to predict the winner. It’s seen as the best wager on days when a game is just a complete toss-up. Oftentimes, professional bettors also focus on Totals. It can provide more value and has lesser variables compared to picking a team which can cover a spread. It’s quite appealing to bettors because of its simplicity. In-depth research of the match or the players is not required to place smart wagers in Totals, thus making it a popular trend in football betting.

With Totals betting, you only need to determine if the actual final score of a game is greater (Over) than or lower (Under) than the betting odds from the major bookmakers. There are exceptional sports trading platforms that offer this type of market.

For illustration, we will take a look at the anticipated opening match of the 2018 World Cup, Russia v Saudi Arabia.Over/Under Asian HandicapLet’s say you bet for Total Over 2.00 goals on this match. If the game ends in a 3-1 score, you will win at 1.662 odds since the combined number of goals is more than two: [3+1=4] (4>2). However, if the team ends in a scoreless draw 0-0, you will lose the wager. The standard line for Totals is usually 2.5 goals, the average number of goals in a football game. To note, you can place over/under bets pre-game or even during the match.

Over/Under Betting Tips:

– Extensive study is not needed to win in Totals, as mentioned above. But if you want to consistently make money, you will definitely need to analyze and assess the teams involved to determine which lines have greater chances of winning.

– Find a line that you like which lets you balance your risk and reward ratio.

– Set priorities. Do you want to win small-scale but on a steady run, or big time with a lot more to gamble? A better chance of winning paired with lower odds can be more rewarding than a reduced chance of winning with higher odds. You can always opt to go safe and get smaller returns. No pressure.

– Choose the games to bet on. Avoid those where teams are expected to settle for a draw.

– Widen your horizon. Look out for a few different leagues you can watch. You may just stumble upon worthwhile matches to earn from.

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