July 25, 2018

Betting Guide: How does in-play Asian Handicap Betting work?

Tune in and WinIn-play Asian Handicap

In-play betting is placing stakes while a game is ongoing, accompanied by fluctuating odds and prices. There’s a myriad if in-play markets for a variety of sports like football, basketball, and tennis. Not even the most seasoned bettors can accurately predict straight on what will happen pre-game, hence the beauty of in-play betting. With reasonable internet speed, bettors can take advantage of a crucial moment occurring real-time. If you failed to back a price or odds before kick-off, you can almost be sure they will drift to a more rewarding win-risk ratio if you wait 30 minutes into the game. As game approaches HT, the odds may go ad hoc with teams getting penalties or red cards. Judge the tempo and see which side will likely make a comeback or who will run up for goals. This way, you’ll get more of a solid basis in settling your bets.

Where the underdog scores first

Say Real Madrid and Borussia Dortmund are scheduled to meet in Champions League. The former club is expected to win at odds 4/11. At 10th-minute mark, Dortmund gets to score and suddenly the odds shift to 8/5. An in-running bet looks like good value here if the Los Blancos will be able to answer back at 15’. They will be up to 4/11 odds again to win the game. Spotting an in-running value bet that didn’t look like value at all before kickoff adds up profit potential.

Scoreless draw turns to a late win
Still using the abovementioned scenario: At 80’, the game is looking like a deadlock but you detect that Real Madrid can take the win at last 10 minutes if they press hard. You can get more or less 3/1 on them winning if you place your bet late in the game. A speculative pick like this can get you hefty returns.

Cover loss with Corner Bets
In-running betting can also cover probable loss from those bets you’ve placed before the game. Bet again on the same market such as Corners and gain guaranteed profit. If you bet £200 on there being less than 11 corners at 1/1 and the bookies change the spread to 11/10, you can put another £200 on there being over 9 corners. In this case, you won’t lose no matter how many corners turn up in the game [£200 at 1/1 = 400] [£200 at 11/10 = 420].

In-play Asian Handicap

Asian Handicap evens out the field by giving the supposed stronger team negative point(s) to overcome. It’s one in-play betting type that stands out among punters as they can bet from the point of last score. When betting Asian Handicaps live, the game resets back to 0-0 whenever a team concedes a goal.

Where the favourites can’t equalize
E.g. Europa League Olympique de Marseille v FC Salzburg
Asian Handicap -1.00 at 1.90
Pre-match, the Les Olympiens were hypothetically priced at 1.75. The Red Bulls scores at 20’ to take the lead 1-0. OM is then priced at 1.90 at -1.00 seventy minutes on the clock. You’re predicting Marseille will score at least two from here. From the point of first goal, the board was at 3-1. The two-goal bet will be a nice winner if match caps at 3-2 full time. Had you taken the handicap before the game, you will only get the safety net refund.

Where the favourites rally
E.g. Brazil v Mexico
Asian Handicap -0.50 at 2.04
Supposing Brazil was up 2-0 at HT but Mexico was able to stall game with tight defence. With line back at 0-0, the most popular pick will be -0.50. Some sportsbooks may not be able to offer such match odds if they’ve gone from 1.01 to nil. But the in-play Asian Handicap will keep things alive. If Brazil nips one injury time goal making it 1-0 from reset and 3-0 FT, in-play bet of -0.50 at 2.04 will be a winner.

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