July 20, 2018

The Truth About Common Sports Betting Misconceptions

Forget what you’ve heard

Over the years, betting has become an exciting way for sports fans to gain profit many times over. While this venture is now prevalent in the sports community, some still have misgivings about the process. This may be due in part to misconceptions that come with sports betting. To help sort things out, here’s a rundown of common betting impressions and the truth of the matter behind them.

1. You can’t bet once the game starts

It’s a popular notion that one has to see the game from start to finish in order to place a good bet. While some prefer to do this, it is not a chief factor in obtaining a winning bet. What’s good about leveraged sports betting is you can contact a sports bet agent even if you’ve only tuned in after the halftime show. Bettors are not restricted to full time bets and therefore have free reign on their stakes.

2. Reconnaissance is a must

While it is good to know as much as you can about the players and the league, overlooking surveys and research is not equivalent to losing money. It’s an advantage for those who are starting out, those who find betting a tad bit complicated, and even those who just want to try their luck. This is also where trusted and seasoned betting brokers come into play.

3. Betting is fraudulent

A lot of people are scared to put money on sports betting platforms as they deem it to be susceptible to corruption. Some presume it as a syndicated medium of money laundering for criminals. But with the advent of high-end technology, fraud can now be easily traced through audit trails, punter profiles, and betting patterns. Sports betting API is currently inspected and regulated by law enforcement agencies and sports federations. The laws also restrict betting websites that don’t have proper license and authorizations.

4. Bookies’ match-fixing

Those who are wary of sports betting have long believed that the system is rigged and manipulated by bookmakers. This is by no means accurate as match-fixing can lead to revenue loss on their part. In fact, they help provide information on suspicious activity in the industry to delegated authorities.

5. Big betting bankroll

People tend to think they need to go all out to win big in leveraged sports betting. In reality, it’s not mainly about the money that has been placed. You can start out by setting into action a strategic bankroll management and staking plan. A slow and steady pace can result to accumulated wins which lead to bigger profit in the long run.

6. Platforms ban accounts that win

It is widely known that profitable bettors are common targets of crafty bookmakers. To curb losses and even out profit among clients, they often limit stakes, and in other instances, ban lucrative accounts. But this is not the case for all platforms. There are reliable sites that don’t just shut down accounts after a handful of winning bets. An example of a reputable sports trading platform is VOdds. Considered a game changer in the industry, VOdds combines efficiency and autonomy as bettors can take full control of their wagers with the help of user-friendly interface.

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