June 23, 2016

Vodds, Asian Handicap Football Betting Brokerage Platform – Thursday 23rd June

Vodds – The next generation of online football betting?

In the never ending search for the best priced football bets and bookmakers that do not limit/shut down your accounts after a few winning bets, we might finally have found a solution! Plus, this new Asian Handicap football betting platform comes with some impressive and unique features which, could drive your profits on to the next level.

Let’s begin with the search for the best prices, as being able to bet at the top price available in any betting market is key to maximising value and ultimately your profits from betting.

Many punters use sites such as Oddsportal, to find out which books are currently offering the best price on the bet they are looking to place.

Having found the best available price, you then need to open, fund and place the bet with that bookie. Unless of course you already have a funded account with them, but how many fully funded bookie accounts are needed to be able to bet at the best prices all the time?

On top of this time consuming and difficult to manage process of maintaining multiple accounts, across numerous bookmakers, punters are all too familiar with traditional bookmakers limiting their accounts after a few winners.

They simply do not want to risk the potential liabilities from sharper client’s bets, plus the cost per acquisition is so high compared to the very low average lift time value, it is deemed to be a risk that is not worth taking.

However, both of these key problems facing Asian Handicap punters are resolved by the Vodds platform. The platform has aggregated the prices and limits of up to nine of the world’s best Asian Handicap bookies, which enables users to bet at the top prices available in the market.

Plus, the system holds many accounts from each of these bookies in the backend, so that liquidity from all clients is spread across accounts, which removes the risk that single accounts face with being limited/shut down for winning.

So, with the best price and account closure issues comfortably dealt with, what else does Vodds provide?

Although, there are nine different books on the platform, clients bet across them all through their single Vodds account. This provides a single wallet solution to the client, so no more need to split a bankroll across a number of different bookmaker accounts.

New features such as pre-match leveraged betting, allows clients to maximise potential profits from a trade, but without needing to tie up their whole bankroll to do so. Positional orders, stop loss and limit win functions, give sports traders the control and flexibility that, you would normally associate with stock market trading.

Finally, with new books, features, markets and other sports to be added in the coming months, Vodds looks set to become the market leading solution for savvy punters looking for a comprehensive brokerage platform for their Asian Handicap betting.

Register with Vodds today to start managing your online sports betting the most efficient way.

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