January 10, 2019

Ten most expensive Premier League players today


With the January transfer window still ongoing, Eastbridge bet brokerage is aware of the transfer rumours in the English Premier League making a noise in the headlines such as players allegedly showing interest for La Liga teams and excellent players of the teams in the relegation zone wanting to move to the top teams.

Football clubs are always ready to release massive amounts of cash in order to get the best players out in the market and improve their squads. Here are the ten most expensive Premier League players in the market:

Christian Eriksen – €80m.

Tottenham midfielder Christian Eriksen is one of the most important players in the Hotspurs squad. The Danish player already made four goals in his 18 appearances in the current league season. Eriksen remains as one of the most important players for Tottenham amidst current transfer rumours to the La Liga side with Real Madrid.

Romelu Lukaku – €85m.

Manchester United’s Romelu Lukaku is one of the most important players of the squad with already eight goals made in 18 appearances. This Belgian forward made 27 goals last season, hailing him the top scorer in the previous league season.

Dele Alli – €100m.

The Hotspurs’ Dele Alli is the second most expensive player from Tottenham in the market. English midfielder scored four goals across 15 appearances in the current Premier League season.

N’Golo Kanté – €100m.

Market value of Chelsea midfielder Kante went up from €80m. to €100m. In the recent tables. He already made 3 goals in his 21 plays in the current league season. He became hot in the headlines when he scored the only goal in a Chelsea 1-0 win against Crystal Palace in the previous month.

Leroy Sané – €100m.

Manchester City winger Leroy Sane evolved from one of the most looked over players in the league to one of the most recognized scorers in the City. his market value just went from €90m. to €100m. He was one of the key players in Man City’s incredible 9-0 win over Burton Albion in the Football League Cup. Within 19 appearances, he generated 7 goals in the Premier League season.

Raheem Sterling – €120m.

Man City winger Raheem Sterling is one of the most improved players today after he scored his 11th goal in the season in the Blues’ merciless 7-0 victory over Rotherham. He was the second most expensive player from City after his market value rose from €90m. to €120m.

Mohamed Salah – €150m.

Mohamed Salah is Liverpool’s top scorer in the previous season and is a two-time African Football of the Year awardee. He is also the most expensive player from Liverpool today. He is just too good that he is rumoured to transfer to La Liga side, either on Barcelona or Real Madrid. Salah is a prolific scorer with 13 goals in his 21 Premier League appearances.

Eden Hazard – €150m.

One of Chelsea’s most powerful gun Eden Hazard is the most expensive player from the Blues to hit the market. A prolific scorer, he made 10 goals already in the league season within just 20 appearances. There are recent clamours for him to leave Chelsea, and any club who has interest in him should ready €150m. for his fee.

Kevin De Bruyne – €150m.

Belgian midfielder Kevin De Bruyne is one of the best midfielders in word football today. He was Footballer of the Year back in 2015. He is also the holder of the 2018 English Champion. He is also the most expensive Man City player in the market at €150m.

Harry Kane – €150m.

English striker Harry Kane is the most expensive striker from Tottenham at €150m. He is one of the most prolific and productive scorers in the English top-tier with 14 goals already made from 21 appearances in the field. He is also a three-time top scorer in three seasons: in the 2017-18 World Cup with 6 goals; 2016-17 Premier League season with 29 goals; and back in he 2015-16 Premier League season where he made 25 goals.

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