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Betting Guide 101: Ice Hockey

Betting Guide 101: Ice HockeyBetting Guide 101: Ice Hockey

While Ice Hockey’s generally considered quite a challenging sport to bet on, there’s many upsides to betting on this fascinating sport.
Seeing as it’s a bit of a niche or overlooked game in betting terms, it’s lack of popularity compared to other sports means it tends to get less action and therefore less attention from the bookmakers. This can, however, work in your favour if you do your due diligence and know your stuff, for you can find some excellent value due to the bookies’ tendency to not be as accurate as they could be at times. In the NHL, for example, where there are 2460 regular season matches, it’s entirely understandable that this is the case, but also great for the bettor.

NHL table Ice Hockey betting guide VOdds

NHL table

Just as in many sports if you look beyond the moneyline, you can find some decent value, and in hockey this is no different. Observing markets like team totals, period betting and even live betting, where you can take advantage of things like if a team’s effective at coming back when they go behind or resolute in keeping a lead, this is an extra way you can capitalise.

Another way of enhancing your chances and turning your research and knowledge into profit is by wagering on individual player points betting. With players awarded a point for either a goal or an assist, this can be a neat way of winning money. In addition, knowing which lines are firing in a particular team is a great weapon too, which is something that can certainly increase your opportunities of success.

Keeping tabs on any injuries or suspensions to key players on certain lines is therefore paramount because any loss of an integral member can heavily impact their team’s output. Furthermore, checking to see if a team’s goal tender is being rested can be especially significant, for the difference between an elite net minder and their reserve can be a real game changer.

Courtesy of Charting Hockey for Pinnacle Ice Hockey betting guide VOdds

Courtesy of Charting Hockey for Pinnacle

Obtaining key information on how team’s fare when on the powerplay or when penalty killing is a vital too, for this can be essential in determining your selections on the teams you’re analysing.

After you’ve undertaken your research, you’ll just want to be wary of some vital pieces of information before placing your bets, like whether your betting on an outcome to occur in regulation time or it happening including overtime, as there are no draws in competitive ice hockey.

Even though it might seem daunting venturing into ice hockey betting, the fact there’s many similarities to sports like soccer should ease the transition, as you can still stake on things like overs/unders for goals, use handicaps, correct score and find openings to explore in live betting.

Courtesy of Charting Hockey fo- Ice Hockey betting guide VOdds

Courtesy of Charting Hockey fo-

After you’ve learnt the game, read some of the many fantastic sites out there to further your understanding and delved into the statistics, you’ll gradually feel more comfortable betting on this tremendously entertaining sport.

Just remember to stick to your principles and explore all the possibilities that could influence the success of your bets and you should be well on the way to profiting.

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