GIF Sundsvall is safe from direct relegation but is still fighting to avoid playoff. Last round gave a point against IFK Norrköping after 2-2. Hammarby doesn’t have anything to play for and we can also see that on the field. The recent performances have been quite bad.

GIF Sundsvall can put their best players on the field here and sure will be motivated. Since Halmstad and AFC already is relegated, there is nothing to worry about from above here and GIF Sundsvall can attack from the first minute.

Hammarby played a strange game last round. 2-0 became 3-3 against Sirius and it was very obvious that the team lacks motivation. Who can blame them? The whole club is talking about next season…

We should see some goals here. GIF Sundsvall can and should attack from the first minute and should have a good chance of winning this game. Hammarby has looked unfocused in the defense lately but do have some quality in the attack.

Asian Handicap Betting Recommendation: Over 3.0 at 2.490


A classic game in Sweden between two of the biggest rivals. Unfortunately, this game lacks the real tense since the guests don’t have anything to play for. Home side AIK do needs to win to secure a spot for Europe and finish ahead of the big rival Djurgården.

AIK is in great shape with 11 straight games without a loss. Last round finished 0-0 against the champion Malmö but could have gone either way. AIK will be without Hauksson and Sundgren – both suspended.

Poor game last round for IFK Göteborg who lost at home against Östersund. Now, they only have the moral to play for and against a motivated and strong AIK, IFK Göteborg will probably have some trouble here.

Even if AIK will be without two players from the ordinary line up here, they can still put a strong eleven on the field. With attackers like Goitom, Stefanelli, and Obasi they should be able to score against a unmotivated IFK Göteborg.

Asian Handicap Betting Recommendation: AIK -0.75 at 1.760


IFK Norrköping still has a chance of end up at one of two spots that lead to Europe. Chance is very small, to be honest, but still – there is a chance. Örebro has nothing to play for and should just be waiting for the vacation.

IFK Norrköping will be without Thorainson and Skrabb here, but should still be able to put a strong lineup on the field. At home, Norrköping normally plays an attacking football and creates a lot of chances.

I placed a bet on Örebro last round, but the answer I got was terrible. No motivation, no ideas, no ambition – and that was at home against Halmstad… Now they face a much stronger opponent and I think they will be in trouble here.

IFK Norrköping is a better team and should have motivation here. Örebro has nothing to play for and looked tired last round. When a better team with motivation faces a weaker team without motivation – you must go for this bet.

Asian Handicap Betting Recommendation: IFK Norrköping -1 at 2.130

By @Csvanemar

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