May 24, 2019

Allsvenskan Asian Handicap Previews – 27th May Monday

Sundsvall v AIK

Sundsvall come up against AIK in their next home game, AIK a team who won last years Allsvenskan have finally come to life over past 4 games and starting to show some of the form which led them to win last year. Sundsvall, on the other hand, have lulled and their form has dipped over past few games losing 4 of their last 4.

AIK owe a lot to their striker Tarik Elyounoussi whos form has picked up, notching 7 goals in their last 4 games, a big contribution. Elyounoussi has shot himself into first postion for most goals so far this season and looks to be a danger in the box, scoring some real poacher like goals. AIK seem to be a solid team low shots against, plenty of progressive runs/passes into the final third and touches in the box. I think they just need to let their shots go a little more and they will score more goals.

Sundsvall team are not the best at the back and AIK will have plenty joy I think in this game, Sundsvall having the highest expected goals against in the league with 21.47 goals, actually conceding 16 goals. This is indicating they could potentially have conceded a lot more goals so far this season.

Both teams play a similar type of football both averaging around 54% possession, this is down to their similar formations – AIK generally 3-5-2 and Sundsvall generally 3-4-3. Sundsvall are generally susceptible down the flanks, caught in possession and plenty space in behind for teams to run into. AIK will take advantage of that, putting plenty balls down the wings and looking for Elyounoussi.

AIK are favourites to land the win, priced at 2.03 with Sundsvall priced at 4.51 and the draw is currently around 3.25. Given that AIK have hit some form and will be looking to build on that, they have the quality to cause real problems for Sundsvall. I like the AIK win line at 2.02, one I think is we can take advantage of.

Asian Handicap Betting Recommendation: AIK -0.50 at 2.030

Hacken v Goteborg

Hacken play Goteborg at home in their next fixture, a game which should be really exciting. This game is a derby so it’s a game both teams want to win, historically these derbies have been high scoring and well im hoping this is the case again come Saturday.

Both teams are in good form, Hacken winning 4 and drawing 1 in their last 5 games & Goteborg winning 3 and drawing their last 2. Both of Goteborgs recent games have been 0-0 games, but both against really strong sides in Hammarby and Malmo. This helps us a little with books taking this into account the goal line will be slighty weaker than it has been, something we use to our advantage.

Both teams have some great players who can turn games on there head and create goals from nowhere. Hacken have players such Jeremejeff & Paulinho and Goteborg have Benjamin Nygren & Karlsson-Lagemyr. Goteborg are leading scorers in the league with 18 goals so far and Hacken are fourth position with 16 goals. Hacken are leading the xG table with 19.24 expected goals possibly leaning towards more goals.

Both teams playing a similar formation so far this season 4-2-3-1 meaning this should be a pretty even game, both teams should be pretty well matched up but I think with the added pressure of this being a derby the shots will flow and goals will come.

Hacken are favourites to land the win, priced at 2.00 with Goteborg priced at 3.98 and the draw is currently around 3.49. The goal line is set at 2.50 meaning the books like goals and I think we could be in for a tremendous game. I will be looking to take on the 2.25 goal line to take a bit of cover if we end up with a close 1-1 game.

Asian Total Goals Betting Recommendation: Over 2.25 goals at 1.770

Hammarby v Norrkoping

Hammarby take on Norrkoping in their next home game looking to get back to winning after drawing with Goteborg in their last game. That game was a scoreless draw but quite a good watch. Norrkoping come into the game with a little bit of confidence having won their last 2 games against Sundsvall and Orebro, 2-0 & 2-1.

Hammarby have been unstoppable at home so far this season scoring plenty of goals to go along with it and I think they will have a mountain to climb Norrkoping if they are to get anything out of this game. Hammarby are joint leading scorers so far this season with 18 goals and second in the xG table with 17.37 expected goals. Hammarby’s front 2 and their left winger have been outstanding so far this season scoring plenty of goals, those players being Đurđić, Kjartansson Tanković.

Hammarby have a very high press and like to get in the faces of defenders, they hunt in packs and pressure. This is has paid off so far this season they have scored a few goals coming from leaked passes whilst placing the opposition under pressure, along with they way the wingers and forwards link up it’s a deadly combination.

Norrkoping do tend to build from the back and a lot of passes can be backwards or lateral across the defence which could play right into the hands of Hammarby should they continue to build from the back. Norrkoping seem to load the midfield and generally playing with a 3-5-2 formation could leave lots of space in behind for Hammarby to counter and link up.

Hammarby are favourites to land the win, priced at 2.07 with Norrkoping priced at 3.63 and the draw is currently around 3.60. I really like the Hammarby have been playing this season especially at home and I think they could win quite comfortably.

Asian Handicap Betting Recommendation: Hammarby -0.50 at 2.070

Preview by: @JM5portsAnalyst.

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