January 11, 2019

Three things about Golden State Warriors to watch out this year


The Golden State Warriors are the hottest and probably the most talked-about team last season, but they are not as hot and as talked about now. Different factors are at play such as Stephen Curry’s own injury, as well as the frustrated appearances of DeMarcus Cousins.

Of course, a lot of people are still expecting and anticipating more from the Golden State as they are still one of the top teams in the West and the NBA as a whole.

Here are the three things about the Golden State Warriors to watch out this year:

Cousins’ return

Golden State’s head coach Steve Kerr said that DeMarcus Cousins will make his season debut with the Warriors on 18th January and a lot of people are excited about what a GSW squad would look like with the Boogie.

The former New Orleans’ player signed for the Warriors in the summer of last year. Cousins, however, had a frustrated show off for the Golden State after suffering from a torn Achilles tendon he got in January last year.

While unable to play for the Golden State at the start of the season, Cousins has been doing good conditioning with the Warriors’ G-League side.

In a practice with the Santa Cruz Warriors, Cousins was observed to have threw down a loud dunk that gave a sign of the center’s impending return to the league.

With image of Cousins playing side-by-side younger but equally brilliant players in the likes of Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant, the Golden State Warriors is going to have one of the most interesting lineups today.

Davis in the Warriors

New Orleans Pelicans’ Anthony Davis is probably the most sought after player today with the hottest teams in the league trying to court him for a trade. Even LeBron James is wooing him with the vision of improving Los Angeles Lakers’ squad and quality of play.

The Golden State are currently bracing up as Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson are expected to move out for free agency by summer. The Pelicans’ center being the most wooed player in the league today, the Warriors could be considering a sign up with Anthony Davis.

Stephen Curry playing in the same team as Davis will be one of the most ridiculous lineups in the league.

Seizing the top of the West

The Warriors suffered a number of losses that everyone got no idea coming, the most recent of which is their 134-135 defeat to the Houston Rockets earlier this month at the Golden State’s own home Oracle Arena. James Harden topped the 35 points from the Warriors’ premier guard Stephen Curry with a three-pointer at overtime with 2.7 seconds remaining and stunning 44 points.

The Warriors fell to a loss to the Los Angeles Lakers latter in the previous month at Oracle. Andre Iguodala made 23 points that night but not enough to keep Los Angeles from pulling off a 125-101 victory.

In another match from the previous month, the Warriors lost again this time to the Portland Trail Blazers at Oracle, where Damian Lillard shot a 3-pointer at 6.3 seconds remaining. Curry made 29 points that night, but he was topped by 27 points from Jusuf Nurkic combined with 21 from Lillard.

Probably one of the most notable stuns in the season in when Utah Jazz defeated the Golden State 108-103 at Vivint Smart Home Arena last month. Joe Ingles generated 20 points in that game, while Rudy Gobert made 17 points and 15 rebounds to dominate the 32 points from Stephen Curry.

These match conclusions considered, the Warriors should be working to improve defense or accept their permanent standing at the Western Conference as the second to the top team.

The previous season concluded in a Golden State Warriors’ champion status in the West as well as the whole league, but the Denver Nuggets are the current topmost team in the West so far. So, will the Warriors seize the top of the West soon and dominate in the league once more? Or is it the end of the Warrior’s domination in the NBA?

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