December 8, 2016

In-Play Asian Handicap Betting by @stufferonald

In-Play Asian Handicap Betting

Asian Handicap betting is becoming increasingly popular as punters look to make a profit from sports betting. The elimination of the draw element is a key reason for this, allowing you to pick a side and win or lose accordingly (of course, depending on the line, you could still ‘push’). The huge rise of in-play betting over the past year or so has not left the Asian Handicap market behind, and in turn this has given shrewd punters a new avenue to find their edge.

If you’re not familiar with the Asian Handicap market or how it works, then read the explanation article HERE. Once you’re up to speed with how it works in its pre-match format, you’re ready to explore the joys of Asian Handicap In-Play. In-Play sports betting is becoming increasingly popular and shows no sign of slowing down, with punter’s looking for action all the time. The huge volume of live sporting events that are shown on TV makes it easier than ever to form valid opinions as the action unfolds.

So, what is In-Play Asian Handicap?

Whenever you’re placing a bet on the in-play Asian Handicap market, you’re betting on the remainder of the game ONLY – ignoring the current score-line, starting instead from 0-0. This is growing in popularity as it opens up several different ways to make a profit.

The favourite goes behind

Sometimes, the favourite can be well on top and concede a surprise goal early on. If you’re watching the game and can see the favourites are still likely to win, you can back them on the in play Asian Handicap line.

Example: Arsenal are 1.33 pre-match to win against Sunderland. Sunderland score after 15 minutes against the run of play to go 1-0 up. Arsenal are now priced at 1.85 at -1 Asian Handicap based on it being 0-0 with 75 minutes to go. Here, you’re basically saying that Sunderland won’t hold on to their lead, and will get your money back should they draw, and a nice profit if Arsenal end up winning, at a much higher price than before the game (albeit with more risk)

One team is running riot

There are some games where one team is playing incredibly well, and you can see they’ll continue to press for more goals, and have the quality to score again. As games enter the latter stages, the prices on in-play Asian Handicap increase quite significantly (as with less time remaining, the less chance of more goals). Here, if your expectation of more goals is correct, backing the favourite from 0-0 would be a great move, if the price looks good enough.

Example: Chelsea are 3-0 up at home to an Everton side who are struggling to cope. Chelsea are playing well and you know they’ve got more to offer. They were 1.55 pre-match to grab all three points, but at 3-0 you’re confident they’ll increase their lead. There are 40 minutes left, and -0.50 is priced at 1.75. You’re betting on Chelsea to win the final 40 minute period. They win 5-0 and your bet lands easily

The game dies down

Sometimes, you can sense that neither side is going to push for another goal, or that a team who is 2-0 up are more than happy to sit on their lead and play down the clock. In these instances, backing the team with a positive handicap makes good sense, as no more goals would return a profit. Surprisingly, backing a team who are down to 10 men can often work well on a positive handicap, as they can become more resilient and tougher to break down.

There are plenty of ways to make the In-Play Asian Handicap market work for you, and like regular Asian Handicap, the margins are typically much more in your favour, so in theory it should be easier to profit in the long term. If you fancy yourself as a good reader of the game, then this kind of market should be a very good one for you.

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By @stufferonald

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