Unforgettable Goal Bloopers

Look back on some of football’s momentous and admittedly hilarious goofs, flubs, and faux-pas in this list of the worst open goal misses ever. Yeah, they may be sports heroes, but they’re humans after all.

1. Diego Forlán (Manchester United versus Juventus, 2003)

Even the greatest players have their bad days as Uruguayan Diego Forlán can attest to. Yes, it was just a friendly against Juventus (luckily). But letting the ball only hit the side of the net and missing that easy goal chance left Diego ashamed. He even lifted his shirt and hid his face from the crowd for a second or two there.

2. Ryan Giggs (Manchester United versus Arsenal, 2003)

It was the 5th round of the FA Cup and it was a tempestuous affair as per usual for United-Arsenal match-ups. The board was stuck at 0-0 and the striker had already dribbled past when he fired towards the empty net. But lo and behold, the ball went over the goalpost straight into the crowd of spectators. For someone with a left foot as good as Giggs’, that open goal miss was a real head-scratcher.

3. Freddie Ljungberg (Bolton versus Arsenal, 2005)

It started as a skillful gameplay for Ljungberg. He shifted the ball wide right to Jose Reyes which ricocheted back. A beautiful pass from Patrick Vieira to Dennis Bergkamp was setting up that certain goal. All that was left to do for the winger was to roll it into the net. But a forceful kick turned it into a disaster and the ball went sky-high over the bar. Freddie actually collapsed to his knees after that horrendous gaffe.

4. Fernando Torres (Chelsea versus Manchester United, 2011)

This was a major slip up from Torres who had struggles in Chelsea after his £50 million move from Liverpool. He was able to move past the hard part which was rounding David de Gea. With the goal gaping, the Spaniard lost composure and shot his left foot too wide. Torres went down to the ground on his hands and knees, understandably overwhelmed by embarrassment.

5. Rocky Baptiste (Harrow Borough versus Waltham Habbey, 2009)

Baptiste was faced with an empty net after going around the keeper in this 2009 match. Instead of kicking the ball in, he ran to the goal line and slammed the ball into the far post. Everyone in the stadium was in utter shock, not in the least Baptiste who was famous for scoring in the FA Cup for Havant and Waterlooville. His appalling wide open miss was uploaded on YouTube as “The Miss of the Century” and is also popularly referred to as the “The Rocky Horror Picture Show”. (Yikes!)

6. Ronny Rosenthal (Liverpool versus Aston Villa, 1992)

Rosenthal has had his shining moments of soccer. The former Liverpool star has scored more or less 110 goals in his career but is most remembered for his unbelievable miss in the match against Villa in September 1992. Rosenthal beat opponents’ goalkeeper to the ball and could have easily gotten away with a tap-in from ten yards. However, he only hit the crossbar of the goalpost. When asked about the incident years later, Rosenthal was unfazed, stating that miss had put him on the map. He more than recovered from that debacle though, eventually being lauded as a cult hero for helping the Reds win the FA Cup in 1992.

7. Jakub Blaszczykowski (Borussia Dortmund versus Freiburg, 2010)

Jakub could give Rosenthal a run for his money with his version of the worst miss ever. He has made a surging run past the advancing goalkeeper and needed only to pop the ball into the net. Fans were so sure their team is one point up. But the Dortmund winger shot high, undoubtedly one of the biggest mistakes any footballer can make. The ball didn’t even hit the woodwork and went past the bar. Dortmund won the game though and Jakub “Kuba” went on to prove his skills, having won two Bundesliga titles and the DFB-Pokal with his club.

8. Yakubu Aiyegbeni (Nigeria versus South Korea, 2010)

In 2010, South Korea qualified for the last 16 of the World Cup for the first time on foreign soil with a little help from Yakubu. The ball landed right at his feet and was just three meters away from the net. But Yakubu still missed the absolute sitter to the dismay of his countrymen. And they’ve never forgotten that blunder. In fact, it has since been ingrained in their pop culture. Nigerian hip-hop star M.I even wrote lyrics about Yakubu missing in his crowd-pleaser hit ‘Beef’.

9. Chris Iwelumo (Scotland versus Norway, 2008)

That World Cup qualifier at Hampden was the stage for Iwelumo’s colossal miss for Scotland. Gary Naismith set up the perfect ball for the Norwegian. The goal was three yards out and could have been an easy tap-in to mark Iwelumo’s debut. But he screwed up his shot big time. The phrase “Scotland could have won” probably tortured him for days on end.

10. Fahad Khalfan (Qatar versus Uzbekistan, 2010 )

It was the Asian games and the Qatar winger had the empty net in front of him thanks to Uzbeki goalkeeper Timur Juraev who flapped at the ball. He was at the center of the goal at two yards out. One for the taking, right? But the ball hit the far post instead and left his teammates and opponents perplexed. The camera closed in on the young footballer cursing under his breath. That about says it all.

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