July 4, 2018

World Cup Player Feature: Harry Kane

UK’s Main Striker

He is England national team’s captain and is considered UK Football’s man of the year with his Tottenham Hotspur and recent World Cup performances. Harry Kane is a 24-year-old main striker FIFA contending teams should keep an eye on for he’s a big threat, taking England by storm onwards the quarterfinals — following his laudable passes and goal strikes in the preceding Russia 2018 tournament.

Full Name: Harry Edward Kane

Birthdate: July 28, 1993

Place of Birth: Walthamstow, England    

Teams: Tottenham Hotspur/England National Team

Playing Years: 2001- Present

Position: Striker


Premier League Top Scorer 2015-2016 (25 Goals)

6 Time Premier League Player of the Month (2016-2017)

PFA Young Player of The Year (2016)

2 Time Premier League Golden Boot Winner (2016, 2017)

Formative/Starting Years

Ridgeways Rovers, Arsenal, and Watford: 1999-2004

Harry Kane was born in Walthamstow in 1993 and started his football commitment as early as eight when he joined Ridgeways Rover, a local club in his hometown between 1999-2001. He only spent a year in the club before deciding to join Arsenal Youth in 2001. During these early football appearances, Kane already did a try out at Tottenham Hotspur but was not successfully regarded. He left the Arsenal Youth and in 2002 and sign up for a 6 six weeks trial at Watford in 2004 before Hotspur gave him another shot for a try out  when he was eleven.

Notable Skills/Style of Play

-Flexible center-forward

-Precise dribbler

-Lithe passer

-Agile Runner

-Strong long shots

-Clean tackles

-Long range goal striker

He’s an exceptional striker that made 66 right foot kick goals, 21 left kick goals, and 14 scores using his head. Out of his 108 goals, 86 of it came from inside the box while the other 15 came from the outside.

His former Tottenham youth-team coach Alex Inglethorpe stated Kane’s early Hotspur exposures that he find the footballer’s style as lovely, technical yet reserved, and holds potential in an old-fashioned football way of playing.

Football Career

Tottenham Hotspur Under 19’s 2009-2011

This English striker started at Tottenham Hotspur in early 2009 at a bottom position, from being a midfielder holding position then re-assigned as attacking midfielder. He played for the team’s under 16 levels in both Mexico and Bellinzona and went home with three goals. He signed a scholarship deal in the same year and became a professional footballer for Hotspur when the club signed him on July 2010.

Kane is exposed in International Football scenes as early as 16 when he played for England’s under 17, 19, 20, and 21 levels. His play for England under 17 matches int Algarve tournament was considered his first, followed by his under 19 play against Albania where he advanced towards the 2012 UEFA under 19 championship. All in all, Harry played for the country on a total of 14 times and earned 6 goals for the club during his early teens.

Tottenham Hotspur Premier League: 2011-Present

Kane debuted his professional play for Tottenham when he appeared in the UEFA Europa League in 2011 and was later loaned to Leyton Orient. He accomplished several feats for Hotspur such as being named as the 2015-2016 top scorer and for his consistent performance in the club’s fixture matches in Premier league seasons from 2018-2018. He owns an overall 153 appearances, 108 goals, and 14 assists Premier League records. The Guardian ranked him as the 5th best footballer in the world as of 2017.

Kane on World Cup 2018

Harry first claimed the captain role for England when they defeated Slovenia on October 2018  that led them to be qualified for 2018 FIFA World Cup. He then leads the team for its opening match against Tunisia with a 2-1 win, followed by his impressive hat-trick goal over Panama on June 24th ending with a 6-1 full-time score. Harry is already a 2-time holder of Premier League Golden Boot in 2016 and 2017, and we won’t be surprised if he’d definitely top the list to earn FIFA 2018’s Golden Boot award; with Romelu Lukaku and Edinson Cavani as his rivals. This was determined after he scored his 6th World Cup goal on their 1-1 penalty victory against Colombia last 3rd of July.

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