March 23, 2018

Vodds: The Platform for Leveraged Sports Trading

Sports Trading Platform VOdds offers a better and smarter way to bet

Take leveraged sports betting to a whole new level with VOdds. An exceptional sports trading platform that caters to both recreational and professional bettors, VOdds offers aggregated odds from the biggest Asian sportsbooks —MaxBet, BetISN, and Pinnacle Sports, to name a few. VOdds makes use of a single wallet feature, thereby presenting the edge and convenience to access and place bets on multiple bookies in one dashboard. Positional and future orders are available to broaden clients’ betting options for different match outcomes.As one of the pioneering betting brokerages, VOdds entitles bettors to improve profitability by ensuring they get the industry-leading limits for each sportsbooks, at the best possible odds. This is made possible because of the extensive and established direct business relationship of VOdds with the sportsbooks offered in the platform. With low latency and real-time prices across sportsbooks, it is indeed excellent for in-play bets. The platform’s cutting-edge technology also gives bettors full control on placing wagers.


Register and enjoy new account deposit bonus, cashback, and other incentives. See all the latest promotions and get the most out of your funds.


Quick deposits, fast payouts, and low-cost international money transfers are feasible through Bankwire, Skrill, Neteller.


VOdds holds clients’ information with utmost regard, utilizing an encrypted link to prevent unauthorized access without prior written consent.


Expect 24/7 customer support from VOdds through Skype, Email, WhatsApp, and their contact form. The site even has chat support on hand for any visitors’ query.


The platform’s interface is simple yet innovative, with handy features and selections that are easy to grasp and get accustomed to.

VOdds operates as one of the fastest and the most reliable software in the market.  This enables customers to place bets without a glitch.

Once you’ve settled on a match and an Asian handicap or totals bet (sports insights from the pros here), you can start placing orders by typing in the team or league in the search field; in this instance, Real Madrid. Click on the (+) sign to expand on the field and the (-) sign for it to collapse. Best prices among all the sportsbooks, which vary every second, are always shown on your main dashboard.Teams labeled red are those given with negative handicaps. The opposite goes for teams colored in blue. In this case, a -0.25 Asian handicap bet on Real Madrid would be at 1.588 and a 0.25 Asian handicap bet on Atletico De Madrid at 2.410.If you’ve decided to go for Asian total goals, an Over/Under 2.25 bet will be at prices 1.602 and 2.380 respectively.Click on the order you want to place and a pop-up dialogue will appear. The Stake in your bet should be within the minimum limit. After filling in the details, you can then hit the Place Order button.An order ticket with the details of your bet will then turn up.An Order ID will also be issued so you can keep track of your order at any point in time.You can see all your current orders right at the bottom of the dashboard.You can also toggle the action button for different functions such as viewing your bet list and order log.

It’s so easy and simple to place a bet in VOdds. It definitely delivers on its promise of being a competitive and convenient sports betting brokerage. It’s out to improve the betting industry with its realistic approach to the system.


On the other hand, betting analysts and groups can likewise incorporate VOdds’ sports trading API (UNITY) and customize it to effectively fit their trading system and strategies. Similar to the platform, there is no charge for client’s API usage.

Wouldn’t you want to bet this way? Join VOdds today and start your betting journey the smarter way.

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