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4 reasons why Anthony Davis is the most pursued NBA player today


The Los Angeles Lakers’ premier player LeBron James shook the world when he expressed his desire to play side-by-side New Orleans Pelicans’ own Anthony Davis.

There are rumours about Davis and Kyrie Irving being swapped for the Boston Celtics in the near future, as well as him being swapped with Ben Simmons for the Philadelphia 76ers.

Probably the most ridiculous trade rumours about Davis concerns the alleged Golden State Warriors’ desire to have him as a replacement for Kevin Durant, as the latter is expected to go in free agency this coming summer.

With such big NBA teams running in a race to sign him up, Pelicans’ top gun Anthony Davis is the most pursued player in the league today. Here are some of the reasons why:

New Orleans’ best player

Davis had just scored 46 points and 16 rebounds in New Orleans’ 121-117 victory over LA Clippers last Tuesday at Staples Center.  

In that night, Davis missed his first five shots and scored only four points by the end of the first quarter. He started calling out on his teammates on the bench and probably think he will loiter to the end of the game.

Davis’ teammates, however, did not buy it and they turned out to be right.

In his last four game in the league season so far, Davis has not scored lower than 30 points.

In the Pelicans’ loss to Minnesota last Sunday, Davis scored 30, while he made 38 in New Orleans’ win against the Cavaliers last Thursday. He also made 36 in a win over Memphis.

Third highest player efficiency rating

Davis is also going historical as he places third in the table of players with the highest efficiency rating at 27.44 after Michael Jordan at 27.91 and LeBron James at 27.65.

Below Davis in the rating are players who left significant marks in the league history. Next to him is Shaquille O’Neal at 26.43, David Robinson at 26.18, and Wilt Chamberlain at 26.13.

High points per game average

Monster shooter James Harden has the highest points per game average so far in the season at 34.8. Next to him is the Golden State’s Stephen Curry at 29.5. Next to these excellent shooters is New Orleans’ own Anthony Davis at 29.4.

Below Davis is Kevin Durant who averages 28.2 points a game, and Kawhi Leonard at 27.5.

High points in a game

The Brow also went monster latter in the previous month when he made 48 points in the Pelicans’ 114-112 win over the Dallas Mavericks. Davis beated the 34 points from the super rookie Luka Doncic.

Davis joined Stephen Curry and Jamal Murray in the 13th spot of most points in a game in the current league season.

More leads in the stats

Aside from being the third in highest points per game average, Davis is an absolute freak of the NBA stats in the season. His 29.4 PPG average places him as the top center and forward in the league season.

The Brow is also third in the most rebounds a game average at 13.3 below Andre Drummond at 15.0 and DeAndre Jordan at 14.0.

Furthermore, Davis is also the second in most blocks per game average at 2.6 with Myles Turner above him at 2.8 and Hassan Whiteside below him at 2.4.

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