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Premier League Asian Handicap Previews – 29th January Tuesday

Arsenal v Cardiff City

Cardiff City will be struggling to preserve a good composure after the tragic disappearance of forward Emiliano Sala.

The Bluebirds has been in the relegation zone of the Premier League table and they really need to push harder to get out of the 18th spot. It will not be an easy task though as half of Cardiff City’s last ten games are losses and they have not scored a single goal in their last five games.

A week from now, they lost 3-0 against Newcastle United at St. James Park. The win moved the Magpies out of the relegation zone and Cardiff City filled in the space left by Newcastle.

The Bluebirds also made a drawless draw with Huddersfield Town earlier this month. The match broke the Terriers’ eight-match losing streak, but did Cardiff no good.

Cardiff City also got stung by Tottenham 0-3 by the start of the month. Prior to that though, they made a 0-1 win over Leicester.

Cardiff might have another rough day on Tuesday as they will be facing the Gunners at Emirates Stadium.

Arsenal are by no means an average team as they only have five losses since the season began. Their latest defeat was a 1-0 against West Ham United a week ago, and the other loss prior to that was a 5-1 against Liverpool in the previous month.

The Gunners’ latest match concluded in a 2-0 victory over Chelsea. They also have a 4-1 win against Fulham earlier this month.

Arsenal, however, have a fresh defeat to Manchester United last Friday in their FA Cup campaign.

Thus, it is beyond possible to expect a decline of energy in Unai Emery’s company in a match against a team currently dwelling in the relegation zone.


Manchester United will be attempting to preserve their excellent form as they will be guesting Burnley on Tuesday at the Old Trafford.

The Red Devils are bragging a six-game winning streak in the English top-tier. United’s latest game concluded in a 2-1 win over Brighton just a week ago. They also beat Tottenham 0-1 and Newcastle United 0-2 earlier this month.

In the previous month, United also beat Bournemouth 4-1, Huddersfield 3-1, and Cardiff City 1-5.

The Red Devils’ last defeat in the English top-tier was a 3-1 fall to Liverpool earlier in the previous month.

Furthermore, United has been successful so far in the FA Cup after winning the first two matches of the new season. Earlier this month, they beat Reading 2-0, while they also gunned down the Gunners 1-3 last Friday.

Burnley, on the other hand, are hovering around the relegation zone with 6 wins, 4 draws, and 13 losses.

To be fair though, the Clarets are maintaining an excellent form lately, being unbeaten in their last four games.

Burnley’s most recent game in the English top-tier is goalless draw with Watford a week from now. They also beat Fulham 2-1 and Huddersfield Town 1-2 earlier this month. Latter in the previous month, they also defeated West Ham United 2-0.

However, the Clarets’ losses to the top teams in the Premier League table shows their vulnerability in matches with the wildest teams in the league.

Earlier in the previous month, Burnley fell to the Hotspurs 1-0 and Arsenal 3-1. Their freshest defeat was an awful 5-0 loss to Manchester City in their FA Cup campaign.

The Clarets might have a hard time at the Old Trafford as the Red Devils have been infernal lately, beating the likes of Arsenal and Tottenham.


The Magpies’ 3-0 victory over the Bluebirds over a week ago lifted Newcastle out of the relegation zone, while also pushing Cardiff City to the 18th spot in the league table. The win frustrated what could have been a three-game losing streak.

Newcastle also lost 2-1 to Chelsea and 0-2 to Manchester United earlier this month. Prior to that though, they have a 1-1 draw with Watford in the previous month while they lost to the same team last Saturday in their FA Cup campaign.

The Magpies also lost 4-0 to Liverpool in the previous month. They also have a goalless draw with Fulham. Their latest win in the previous month was a 0-1 over Huddersfield.

Newcastle will be facing Manchester City at home in St. James Park. The Magpies will be hoping to stun the champions, but it will not clearly be an easy task as the City are unbeaten in their last four games in the English top-tier alone.

Man City hammered Huddersfield 0-3 last week. They also beat the Wolverhampton Wanderers 3-0 and Liverpool 2-1 earlier this month. In the latter part of the previous month, they also scored a 1-3 victory over Southampton.

The City are also unbeaten in their last five games in the UEFA Champions League. In the previous month, they beat TSG Hoffenheim 2-1. They also shared a 2-2 goal with Olympique Lyon last November after they fell 1-2 to the French club last September.

Man City also thrashed Shakhtar Donetsk last Wednesday 6-0 at the Champions League.

The City are also known thrashers in the FA Cup. Last Saturday, they scored 5-0 victory over Burnley and a 7-0 win against Rotherham prior to that.

The City has the sharper edge on this match, but a lost of hope will not do any good for the Magpies.

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