Июль 11, 2018

World Cup 2018 Stories: Who will meet France in the finals?

Race to the Trophy

In five days, a new World Cup winner will be announced. It was down to the last four teams: France, Belgium, England, and Croatia. Anthems about the Three Lions and football “coming home” are pouring in all throughout English pubs. The Vatreni were an intimidating presence in the group round and they’ve already established themselves as ace penalty takers. This can spur them on to win all the way. Belgium lacked spark in the semis and have again lost the chance to win the prestigious trophy. The Les Bleus are proving pre-playoffs hype and are more formidable than ever before. Is 2018 their year?

Belgium (eliminated)

Group G (Group Winner)

Belgium v Panama: 3-0

Belgium v Tunisia: 5-2

Belgium v England: 1-0

Win: 3 Draw: 0 Loss: 0 Points: 9


Belgium v Japan: 3-2


Belgium v Brazil: 2-1


Group C (Group Winner)

France v Australia: 2-1

France v Peru: 1-0

France v Denmark: 0-0

Win: 2 Draw: 1 Loss: 0 Points: 7


France v Argentina: 4-3


France v Uruguay 2-0


Group D (Group Winner)

Croatia v Nigeria: 2-0

Croatia v Argentina : 3-0

Croatia v Iceland: 2-1

Win: 3 Draw: 0 Loss: 0 Points: 9


Croatia v Denmark: 1-1(Penalties: 3-2)


Croatia v Russia: 2-2 (Penalties: 4-3)


Group G (Runners-up)

England v Tunisia: 1-2

England v Panama: 6-1

England v Belgium: 0-1

Win: 2 Draw: 0 Loss: 1 Points: 6


England v Colombia: 1-1 (Penalties: 4-3)


England v Sweden: 2-0

World Cup Semi-Finals

France v Belgium(1-0) (Saint Petersburg Stadium)

Croatia v England – 11th July at 19:00 (Luzhniki Stadium)

Who among these teams will we see at Luzhniki in the finals? See our insights page for great match previews and recommendations.

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