January 3, 2019

The Four-Pointer: Four reasons why the NBA should add the four-point line


With more powerful offensives and better athletic performance exploding in the latest league seasons, people are growing more and more dissatisfied with the limitations of which players and audience alike are confined to. Thus, players and even whole teams are clanging to add the four-point line in the court to improve performance and navigation. Eastbridge betting brokerage lists down four reasons why the biggest basketball league today the NBA should embrace the four-point field goal in its games.

Players are getting more powerful

Houston’s James Harden scored a 43-point triple-double last Monday, securing the Rockets’ 113-101 win over Memphis Grizzlies. The eyed NBA Most Valuable Player scored his fourth consecutive forty-point game that night.

Harden is the first player to score at least forty points in four consecutive games since Oklahoma City’s Russell Westbrook’s own number two seasons ago. As a result, Harden joined Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant as the only players in the league’s three-decade history to have made at least 400 points across ten games.  

Harden is currently averaging an outstanding 33.3 points per game. During Houston’s 10-1 run, this powerful shooting guard averaged 39.7 points per game.

Next to Harden is Golden State’s own Stephen Curry who is making an average of 28.7 points a game so far. Next to Curry is New Orleans’ Anthony Davis and the Warriors’ Kevin Durant, both of which averages 28.5 points a game.

With its players getting more and more developed in their offensive tactics and skills, the NBA should consider adding a four-point field goal to accommodate its ever-developing athletes.

It would improve spacing

Atlanta Hawks had already physically drawn the four-point line just outside the three-point arc on their practice court, and it fits good to the style and physical built of its very own Trae Young who stands at 187.96 cm.

The four-point line not only gives extra colour in the court, it also helps players in navigating their step in the field, boosting a better play and manipulation of the step.

It is already popular

The BIG3 is the only professional basketball league to accept the four-point field goal, but a significant number of NBA teams saw the potential of the feature.

Chicago Bulls, Philadelphia 76ers, Milwaukee Bucks, Atlanta Hawks, and Brooklyn Nets are among the teams in the NBA that are already practicing the trending four-point shot.

While Reggie Miller mockingly called the the four-point shot ‘comical,’ NBA legend Larry Bird showed support to the trend, citing the dynamic and ever-changing nature of the sport.

The sport is ever-changing

Before the three-pointer shot became a standard feature in the NBA and all the professional and semi-professional basketball leagues around the world, teams, coaches and other personalities in the sport took a significant amount of time to accept it. Back then, the three-point line was considered a mere gimmick, but now it is one of the most recognized rule of the sport.

Since James Naismith wrote the original rule book of basketball at the beginning of the 20th century, a lot of rules has been added and changed. Thus, there is no reason to suppress new suggestions to improve the sport even further.

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