The Wolverhampton Wanderers hope to catch up in the Premier League by breaking out from the chains of poor form. They will face Cardiff City on Friday in the rival’s own home.

Bragging their two victories against Fulham and Brighton, Cardiff has a much better form than their upcoming rivals. Cardiff came into the new season as firm favourites for a fresh return to the Championship. They lost a match against Everton last weekend. Earlier this month, they fell to a 0-1 defeat to Leicester, and another one to Liverpool later in October. The club now occupies a place ahead and directly next to Fulham in the recent league table.

On the other hand, the Wolves have a much better standing than Cardiff City. There are seven spots that separate the two in the table. Nevertheless, their form betrays their eleventh place in the table, directly behind Leicester City.

The last win made by the Wolves was their 1-0 tally against Crystal Palace way back in October. After that they made a three-time losing streak. Their first defeat after the victory was their match with Watford, then to Brighton, both of which they have not netted a single goal. They lost again to Tottenham, but this time they made sure victory will not be easy for the rival team, producing a 2-3 tally. They initially shared a draw with Arsenal, then fell to defeat again after their match with Huddersfield.

Wolves have only won two matches out of their six away games in the current league season, and netted only four goals in the process. Cardiff, meanwhile, took two victories out of their three home plays in the season, and got defeated for only three of their seven total games.

Despite this seemingly stronger Cardiff over Wolves, the former remain as relatively heavy underdogs for their standing.


Manchester City will solidify their place in the Premier League this coming saturday at the Etihad Stadium, as they come to face Bournemouth.

Enjoying the view at the top of league tables, Man city need not to prove anything. Bragging their five-time winning streak, their only down slope so far was their 2-2 draw with Lyon in the Champions League. They beat goalless Fulham by scoring twice during their match back in 1st of November in the Carabao Cup. Then, they humiliated Southampton with their 6-1 win in their Premier League match. They went more merciless in their 6-0 victory over Shakhtar Donetsk in the Champions.

When they scored 3-1 and 4-0, beating Manchester United and West Ham respectively in the Premier League, you know Man City is unstoppable. Their draw with Lyon would make them little frustrated, but people know that Man City has already solidify their place at the peak.

To compare Man city to Bournemouth would bring tears to the eye. They recently obtained a record of a monotonous losing streak to Man United, Newcastle, and Arsenal. Bournemouth’s matches with these clubs all concluded in a 1-2 tally. They beat Norwich during the Carabao Cup though, not mentioning their 3-0 victory over Fulham. Before that, they shared a goalless draw with Southampton.

It seems like one does not need a thorough analysis of this match to confidently anticipate the result. A declaration of who will come out victor on Saturday would be too much, and it would only spoil the game to the most unkeen. Of course, this is no reason for people to keep themselves from watching this exciting match.


Newcastle is in a state of resurgence this Premier League season and they will try to defend their place against West Ham United on Saturday.

October became a rough month for Newcastle, and they emerged from it beaten up and winless. It was a tough fight, but they still fell to a 2-3 defeat against Man United last 6th of October. Just two weeks later, they went defeated again by Brighton. Things brightened up for them after their goalless draw with Southampton. At the start of November, they emerged victorious against Watford, and this was the start of their current winning streak. By 10th of November, they beat Bournemouth scoring 2-1. They completed the trilogy in their 2-1 win over Burnley.

West Ham, on the other hand, is in bad shape. Despite being directly below Newcastle, both of their forms are not similar in any way. They are in the same state throughout October though. West Ham left their Premier League match with Tottenham goalless, followed by a draw with Leicester. They faced Tottenham again, this time in the Carabao Cup, and lost the game again. Like Newcastle, they made an initial victory at the start of November. However, unlike their upcoming rivals, they did not managed to complement that win. Instad, they went to a 1-1 draw with Huddersfield. They got worse with their 0-4 defeat against Man City.

West Ham won an 3 times throughout this season, while Newcastle keeps a ten-time winless run. The league table and comparison of their forms are showing otherwise though. The latter currently keeps a better form than the former. Complement this with Newcastle’s confidence, and one will have an idea of who will leave St. James Park as victor.

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