Leicester City are hot on the headlines this week after they made Christmas unhappy for Manchester City. The Foxes stunned Man City when they scored a 2-1 victory last Wednesday.

Leicester’s winger Ricardo Pereira secured the win with his late strike, giving the City its second consecutive loss so far in the Premier League. In the previous weekend, Crystal Palace defeated Man City 3-2 at the Etihad.

Just earlier this month, Leicester held Man City into a 1-1 draw in the Carabao Cup Quarter-Final, a probable warning of this misfortune for the City. Last weekend, Leicester was able to score a 1-0 win over Chelsea, shaking the Blues in their level on the top of the league table.

The Leicester win overshadowed their three-game winless streak within their last six games. Earlier this month, the Foxes held Fulham into a 1-1 draw, but lost to Tottenham 0-2 after that, and another defeat to Crystal Palace 0-1.

Cardiff, on the other hand, have been winless in their last three matches in the Premier League. Earlier his month, they lost to Watford 2-3. They also been defeated by Manchester United last weekend. To be fair though, they did fine when they held off Crystal Palace into a goalless draw last Wednesday, considering Palace’s recent stunning of champions Man City.

Thus, the Bluebirds could take some confidence from this draw as they will face the the Foxes away from home on Saturday at King Power Stadium.

Additionally, Cardiff made a good 2-1 victory over the Wolves from last month, but lost 1-3 to West Ham United after that. Their last win was a 1-0 against Southampton.

Leicester’s victory over one of the league’s top-ranking teams is enough for one to expect a Foxes domination at King Power. But, to be fair, one cannot set aside the fact that Cardiff are able to hold off champions-busters such as the Eagles.


Tottenham have been unbeaten in their last seven matches, standing at the second level in the Premier League table directly below Liverpool and above Man City.

Tottenham recently beaten up Bournemouth last Wednesday, securing five goals to the Cherries’ goalless side of the tally. Forward Son Heung-min netted double in that match, impressing team manager Mauricio Pochettino. The victory, along with Man City’s fall to Leicester City, moved the Hotspurs up to their present place in the league.

The Spurs are on fire the current month. Last Sunday, they netted a 6-2 win over Everton in the English primary division, and defeated Arsenal 2-0 in the Quarter-Final of the Carabao Cup. Earlier this month, they also made a 1-0 domination over Burnley. They also held Barcelona into a 1-1 draw back in the Group B of the UEFA Champions League. They also beat Southampton 3-1 and Leicester City 0-2.

Meanwhile, the Wolves are doing relatively good so far, scoring a 1-1 draw with Fulham last Wednesday. The Cottagers moved off bottom of the league tables as a result. At five minutes remaining during that match, a Fulham win seemed inevitable, but Romain Saiss’ surprise kick equalised the tally, saving the Wolves from a seemingly apparent defeat.

Setting aside the Wolverhampton’s 0-2 loss to Liverpool from the previous week, the Wolves could be flexing their most recent winning streak. Just recently, they beat Bournemouth 2-0 and won against Newcastle 2-1. The most notable win in this streak is their 2-1 domination over Chelsea, stunning the Blues.

Although Tottenham are in a very excellent form in their unbeaten run and a Spurs’ domination is not far from happening, the Wolves are still left with something to brag about.


Chelsea’s match with Watford had been memorable for the Blues. Not only did they bagged the 1-2 win, but the squad’s midfielder Eden Hazard also made a milestone in that Boxing Day, scoring his 100th and 101st goal for the club. The game was of course a sad news for the Hornets.

To be fair though, the Hornets are sitting good at the ninth place of the Premier League table. Prior to their defeat in the Vicarage Road, Watford enjoyed a little unbeaten run whilst initially. They made a 2-0 victory over West Ham last Weekend, and a 3-2 win against Cardiff City earlier this month. They also equalised into 2-2 with Everton, who sits right above them in the table.

Nonetheless, Watford was not able to hold off the likes of Manchester City and Leicester as they lost 1-2 and 0-2 to them respectively.

Newcastle also suffered much from the big squads. Last Boxing Day, they have been hammered by Liverpool 0-4 in Anfield, securing the Reds up to the topmost tier of the league. The Magpies only managed to hold firm until the game’s halftime, but Mohamed Salah scored his 13th goal of the league season after just a few minutes.

Earlier this month, the Magpies also lost games with Wolverhampton 1-2 and West Ham 0-3. They have two draws though as their recent match with Fulham ended up goalless, and another was a 1-1 with Everton. Newcastle’s only win out of their last six games is a 1-0 victory over Huddersfield Town at John Smith’s

With Watford’s two victories out of their last six matches, the Hornets could claim more edge on Saturday, but with the recent stunners emerging in the league lately, it is best to give the results do much of the talking.

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