June 28, 2018

Player Feature: Federer and Graf – 2 Greatest Tennis Figures of All Time

Swedish Ace & German’s Gem

They have the best aces tennis history ever recorded throughout their legendary years. Declaring the two Steffi Graf and Roger Federer as the best tennis player considered. They both filter the lists, making sports brokerages services online a sensation when it comes to tennis betting routines.

Here’s where Federer and Graf started their legendary beginnings:

Swedish Ace – Roger Federer

In terms of pure aces and records, Federer top the list, currently ranked as the world’s No. 1 player in men’s single tennis as per Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP).  Federer owns an impressive 17 Grand Slam titles and a total of 86 Single Champion titles throughout his career.

According to a 2013 poll by the Telegraph, the Swedish tennis player got the highest votes on who is the best tennis player of all time, garnering about 3,519 votes (50.57%) of majority of the votes. Rafael Nadal (2, 1110 – 30.32%) and Rod Laver (562 – 8.08%) come in the 2nd and 3rd place, respectively.

He is a right handed – one back handed player who became professional in 1998, hugely influenced by his two coaches Ivan Ljubicic and Severin Luthi who guided him throughout his career.

Formative Years

He started playing tennis as early as 8, but began his professional career at 1999 Marseille Opening when he defeated that current year’s champion, Carlos Moya. In early 2001, Federer debuted his first Grand Slam quarter final playing on the French Open but lost the match against Alex Corretja.

But it was later on 2001 that the 19-year-old Swiss  player became a worldwide sensation when he defeated another hot shot tennis player Pete Sampras on the 4th round. Following his Wimbledon debut, Federer was awarded as the first Swiss guy to ever win a Grand Slam title in 2003, defeating Mark Philippoussis. Three years later in 2006, Federer broke another tennis record winning 12 singles titles with an excellent match score of 92-5.  Sports critics say 2006 is his golden year.

Federer’s agility, stark aesthetically pleasing tennis game play on the court makes him the best among the rest, and his versatility, strength and forehand smash is considered one of the greatest shot in tennis history. His backhand stokes and jump smashes have also become a trademark in the tennis industry.  

Honorable Mentions

Rafael Nadal

He’s a Spanish professional tennis player who filled in the greatest tennis player rank after Federer. He’s known as the “King of Clay”, notably regarded as the best clay-court player in history. He owns outstanding records of 17 Grand Slam Single titles, 32 ATP World Tour Masters 1000 Titles, 2 Wimbledon and 1 Australian Open title. He was awarded youngest to ever achieve Grand slam by age of 24.

Nadal and Federer Head-to-head:

Federer beats Nadal career record on Singles, owing 853-192 than the latter’s 699-135.  Roger’s 75 Single Titles than Rafael’s 64 is also considered a great gap between the two. Federer’s right hand style of play is observed far more powerful than Nadal’s left-hand smashes on the court.  

German’s “Spieler” – Steffi Graf

If we’d look over Federer’s female counterpart, Steffi Graf owns the credit.

She’s a German professional tennis player ranked as the world no.1 player with 22 Grand Slam Single Titles. Her impressive tennis career is from 1982 to 1991 topped WTA list of best players, winning several open tournament such as:

-Australian Open – four times ((1988-90, 1994)\

-French Open – six times (1987-88, 1993, 1995-96, 1999)

-U.S. Open – five times – (1988-89, 1993, 1995-96)

-Wimbledon – seven times – (1988-89, 1991-93, 1995-96)

And occupied the world’s rank 1 title in her career with 377 total weeks in record.

Formative Years

She was born in Mannheim, West Germany and was conceived by parents Peter and Heidi who both shared a passion for playing tennis. By the age 6, young Steffi won her first junior tournament. She also won several prestigious tennis events, such as Junior Orange Bowl in Florida and German’s under 14-18 championships.

At 13, Graf debuted her professional exposure to tennis scenes, earning the title as 2nd youngest to win an #124 international ranking. She also slayed the 1984 Olympic Games in Los Angeles California when she achieved the event’s honorary gold medal.  By 1991, Graf were considered the youngest woman player to own almost 500 career wins.

With her powerful forehand smash, agility and intense game play, Steffi Graf will go down the history as WTA’s best female to play on the tennis sports world.

Honorable Mentions

Serena Williams

She is described as 2000’s Steffi Graf due to her risen popularity in the tennis sports scene. She is ranked no.1 for her overall 253 weeks career, joining Graf and others (Martina Navratilova – 332, Chris Evert – 260) on the list. She holds a record of winning 21 straight matches in the U.S Open and won 28 straight matches and four straight titles at Grand Slam events. Williams is also three-time Olympics player with four gold medals. Such records made sports critics often compare her to Graf, but the latter’s records beat Williams’ recent 2000’s matches.

Serena Williams – Steffi Graf Head to head

The two only played against each other twice, but it would be hard to pinpoint the potential records Williams can create as she was just starting and Graf already retired.  Graf’s consistency with her 377 weeks tops the list, and Williams is yet to claim the crown now that she had passed beyond the legendary 300 weeks mark. Graf is already retired–but Williams isn’t, so fans are still on the lookout for Serena’s yet to be record-breaking wins in the upcoming sports tournaments.

Graf and Federer’s exceptional styles of playing rightfully placed them as the greatest tennis figures in tennis sports world. Watch out for the next Graf and Federer by joining Eastbridge excellent betting brokerage with best of VOdds’ prices for your bets.

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