November 15, 2018

NBA Asian Handicap Previews – 16th November 2018 Friday


Houston is a bit off this season, starting it with a defeat against New Orleans, with James Harden only providing 9 rebounds and 10 assists. Although, Harden eventually topple his previous performance with 36 high points leading to team victory against the Lakers, the Rockets did not seem to know how to use this win to blast itself up as the team went losing four matches in a row. Following the victory, they got beaten by the Clippers, succeeded by a humiliating 100-89 defeat to Utah. For the second time, they lost to Clippers. Their nightmare went non-stop as they lost in Portland.

Houston’s game seemed chaotic as they streaked four wins in a row after this succeeding loses. After their disaster in Portland, they won 119-111 tally against Brooklyn, followed by a 96-88 victory against Chicago. They took the court again with their 98-94 win against Indiana. Despite maintaining the quality of their winning performance, they made two loses in their matches against Oklahoma City and San Antonio, probably because of a decrease on performance level by Eric Capella and Chris Paul with Harden doing most of the points, rebounds, and assists.

The Rockets is currently in a steady state of recovery, winning 115-103 in another match with Indiana back in Monday, and another win against Denver with a 109-99 tally. This recovery might be cut short by their upcoming match with Golden State on Friday.

Stephen Curry is expected to be out in the Warriors’ match with the Rockets on Friday, and he will not be in two more games, being setted for re-evaluation.  Despite Curry being out, one still cannot expect a significant change in the Golden State’s performance, with key players like Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson still having a blast in the court. Durant’s highest point match tally so far is 41, complemented by a 52 by Thomson, topping Curry’s 51 by a point.

To be fair, Houston still has a stronger defensive power over Golden State, but it requires no explaining that the Warriors are still standing strong, only beaten thrice so far throughout the season. Needless to say, the Rockets will have a really tough time on Friday with the Golden State.


Atlanta’s point guard Trae Young is leading the team, averaging 17.5 points and 8.2 assists throughout. Most of Young’s points were shot from a 3-point range, but his team’s performance all throughout is dragging him down.

The Hawks started the season with two defeats from their matches against New York and Memphis. They initially win two matches, one against Cleveland, and one with Dallas. However, even before they obtain a winning streak, they lost to Chicago. Nevertheless, they achieved a streak, making three further loses with Philadelphia, Cleveland, and Sacramento consecutively. They broke this line when they beat Miami with Young having his highest performance level so far in the season. They made another streak, losing five times in matches against Charlotte (113-102), New York (112-107), Detroit (124-109), Los Angeles (107-106), and Golden State (110-103).

As one could see, there is a strong contrast between Denver and Atlanta.

Despite maintaining a losing streak in their last four matches, Denver started the season with an outstanding winning streak. They beat the Clippers with a 107-98 tally, followed by a 119-91 win against Phoenix. They humiliated Golden State obtaining a 100-98 win. The Nuggets defeated Sacramento before losing to the Lakers. Nonetheless, Denver repeated their winning streak after this defeat, winning five times in a row.

Nikola Jovic is maintaining great from in Denver’s matches earlier this season, leading the team to its almost every victory. Jovic is was averaging 17.5 points, 10.4 rebounds, and 6.9 assists per game. In Jovic’s decline of form, he brought the team with him, causing Denver’s current losing streak.

It is out and clear that Denver has more edge than Atlanta. It might be a mere slight different that the Nuggets are averaging 109.1 points per game, while the Hawks is marking 108.9, but it is enough for one to see who will take the court on their Friday match, not to mention the comparison of performances by the two teams in the current season.


Things seems to be a bit cloudy between the Clippers and the Spurs. Los Angeles is 5th in the NBA averaging 116.6 points per game, while San Antonio stands 21st with their 108.7. San Antonio is 8th in the NBA in defensive scoring allowing 107.6 points per game, while LA is on the 20th with 112.0. Both are really close in their rebound scores.

Los Angeles started the season with a 107-98 lost in a match against Denver, but toppled it with two victories in games against Oklahoma City (108-920, and Houston (115-112). They lost again, this time, to New Orleans scoring 109 against 116. They beat the Rockets again hitting 133 to 113. After they defeated Washington with a 136-104 tally, they lost two matches to Oklahoma City (128-110), and Philadelphia (122-113). Before achieving a losing streak, they humiliated Orlando, scoring 120 to 95, followed by another win against Minnesota finishing 120 to 109. They could have obtained a winning streak, but they lost to Portland, and recovered again in a win over Milwaukee. They progressed more as they beat the Warriors, scoring 121 to 116.

On the other hand, San Antonio made a good start of the season when they Minnesota. Unlike the Clippers, however, the Spurs already made a streak, winning four times in a row. In addition to this, they also never made a losing streak just yet.

San Antonio’s DeMar DeRozan in in good shape peaking 34 points once in a game against Dallas, even topping the performance of Los Angeles’ Tobias Harris in the current season. He was high pointer throughout the team’s first winning streak. DeRozan is currently averaging 25.0 points, 6.6 assists, and 6.4 rebounds per game beating Tobias’s average of 20.4 points, 2.1 assists, and 8.8 rebounds. Thus, to be fair, San Antonio still have its own edge.

Clippers is currently gaining strength in the current season, and they are excelling in it. San Antonio is no weak rival for Los Angeles, but the latter seems to be still in one of their peaks. By reviewing the two teams’ performances in this season, one could picture a match with a lot edgier Clippers over the Spurs, while still maintaining a bit of hesitation to lay down confidence on the former.

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