The Celtics are set to travel to Detroit to face the Pistons at their home Little Caesars Arena on Saturday.

Last Sunday, Boston turned Chicago’s nightmare a reality after they slaughtered the Bulls 133-77 with the 56-point margin of defeat being the largest figure in over half a century of the franchise. As if the numbers are not enough to shame the Bulls, boos rained down from the United Center crowd during the match.

The Celtics have won five straight games. The starting and bench units have been balanced by the actions of point guard Marcus Smith into the starting lineup and small forward Jaylen Brown to a sixth man role. Boston has allowed their most talented offensive players to the tune, and people are expecting them to be the juggernaut that they are set to become this season.

Kyrie Irving missed their match against the Pelicans back in Monday after injuring his right shoulder from the fourth quarter of their Thursday win over the the New York Knicks. Despite the absence of the Celtics premier player, the team is able to pull off 113-100 win over New Orleans.

Boston’s upcoming rivals Pistons had just made a disappointing Wednesday night in their match against Charlotte. Detroit had initially made a 11-point lead heading into the fourth quarter and still led by 10 within a mere six minutes left.

Unfortunately, Detroit squandered it in a matter of minutes. Kemba Walker stunned the Pistons and erased his team’s point deficit. The Hornets point guard had 12 points and three assists, including a pass to Jeremy Lamb. Walker’s effort paid off when the match ended up in a 108-107 Charlotte win over the Pistons.

To be fair, the Pistons made an excellent start to the new season. They are winners in seven games, including a victory over the reigning Golden State upon Stephen Curry’s very return to the lineup. Their only mistake though is being overly confident that they underestimated the capacities of their rivals.

Detroit had a taste of lesson. Their Saturday game with the Celtics will present a new challenge and test as Boston places two steps ahead of them in the league table.


In the first few weeks of the season, Los Angeles has become the team that could not guard anyone off the dribble. They have since changed their tactics and now places seventh in defensive strategy in the league rankings. Tyson Chandler has been the Lakers’ best defender since signing up with them.

Earlier in the current month, LeBron James saved the Lakers from a seemingly inevitable defeat after facing a near double-digit deficit in the fourth quarter of their match against San Antonio. With his  strong 3-pointer, he brought LA from down four to down one from over 850 cm passed seven minutes.

Meanwhile, the Hornets will be meeting the Lakers confidently as the memory of their victory over the Pistons still lingers fresh in their memory. People are expecting more show off of talent from the rising star Kemba Walker.

LeBron currently averages 28.3 points, 7.1 assists, and 7.7 rebounds per game. Walker, on the other hand, makes 26.0 points, 6.3 assists, and 4.5 rebounds a game. LeBron’s stats are significant, but the close figures of the Hornets point guard will be enough to match the Lakers giant as manifested in their match with Detroit.

Departing from the individual player comparison, a close look to stats between the two teams will give us an idea of how this match will be one of the most exciting this season. LA currently averages 113.1 points, 46.6 rebounds, 23.9 assists, and 6.1 blocks, while Charlotte has 113.9, 43.8, 23.9, and 5.4 respectively.

Of course, LA has a slight yet significant advantage over Charlotte, but the latter will surely be no soft rivals for Lakers.


The Clippers will take a shot of pulling Oklahoma City out of the third place as they are currently sitting directly below the Thunder in the Western Conference table.

In the previous month, the Clippers defeated the Golden State 121-116 in overtime and secured first away victory over the Warriors for the first time in almost four years. LA blew a 14-point lead in the fourth quarter in Kevin Durant’s watch. While Stephen Curry is out of the game with injury, LA sure knew how to attack whenever an opportunity is presented.

Tobias Harris made 17 points, five assists, and eight rebounds that Wednesday night, complemented by Danilo Gallinari’s 14-1-7, and Marcin Gortat’s 12-1-6.

The Clips’ made a beautiful start to the season with a four-match winning streak, but was since blunted in their Sunday night in Dallas. They are, nevertheless, enjoying a nice place in the West.

Oklahoma City still scares teams in the conference when they brought the Warriors and Hawks down. They are victorious in most of their games, threatening the Warriors and Nuggets above them.

Paul George remains outstanding for OKC with his average 25.2 points, 9 rebounds, and 4.6 assists a game, complementing the team’s premier player Russell Westbrook. Westbrook currently declines to 22-10-10.3, but the main reason Oklahoma still stands firm in the third tier is its strong team.

Averaging 115.3 points per game compared to Thunder’s 111.7, Clippers might give Oklahoma one hell of a game on Saturday. We are not expecting LA to dominate though as Oklahoma city still has a record of 10-3 at home, while the Clips only holds 8-8 at away.

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