January 8, 2019

Five feats in James Harden’s five-game 40-point streak


Within five consecutive games of playing for Houston, James Harden scored at least 40 points. Eastbridge sports brokerage knows that the streak was history in itself as Harden killed two birds with one stone when his run did not just hit one record in the history of the NBA, but more than five feats. The feats placed Harden among the likes of legendary players such as Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant.

The end of Harden’s streak coincided with the end of Houston’s most recent winning streak in the Rockets’ fall to Portland Trail Blazers 101-110 last Sunday. Harden scored 38 points in that night, 2-point short to extend his run.

5. Houston’s winning streak

During Harden’s historic feat, Houston Rockets went 5-0 and won 11 of their last 12 games. The premier guard’s first game within the streak concluded in a 113-109 victory over Oklahoma City in latter part of the previous month. Harden scored 41 points that night. Prior to that win, they also won 108-101 over San Antonio Spurs, where Harden made 39, one point short to start the run.

Just two days later, the Rockets bombarded the Celtics that resulted in a 127-113 Houston win at Toyota Center, where Harden made 45 points and six assists.

Later on, Harden made 41 points in the Rockets’ 108-104 win over New Orleans. At this point, he became the first NBA player since Oscar Robertson to make at least 35 points and five assists within seven consecutive games.

At the start of the year, Houston made another win when they dominated over Memphis Grizzlies 101-113. Harden made 43 points, ten rebounds, and 13 assists that night.

Harden’s last 40-point game and Houston’s last win within the streak was a 135-134 victory over the Golden State Warriors. He shot a 3-pointer at overtime with only 2.7 seconds remaining. Generating 44 points throughout, it was Harden’s fifth 40-point match.

4. Best points per game stats today

Harden’s streak also made him one of the holders of the best player stats of the season. The Rockets’ guard has the highest points per game average so far in the season at 33.7. He is also the only player to average at least 30 points per game today. Next to him is Stephen Curry at 29.4 points per game.

Additionally, Harden is also the highest averaging guard so far in the season.

3. Most 3-pointers made in the season

Harden also currently has the most 3-pointers made in the season. He already made 173 3-point shots, while Curry made 148, and 131 from Sacramento’s Buddy Hield. He made at least four 3-pointers within eight consecutive games with at least 30 points ten games in a row.

2. The Rockets’ launch in the West

Houston are one of the bottom teams of the Western Conference at the early days of the NBA season. But Harden helped the Rockets skyrocket from the 14th place in the West to fourth during his 40-point run.

1. Four hundred points in ten games

Harden has now generated over 400 points in his past eleven games. He now joins Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant in an elite place in the NBA as the only players in the league’s past thirty years to score at least 400 points within a 10-game span.

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