February 4, 2019

FA Cup Asian Handicap Previews – 5th February Tuesday

Newport County v Middlesbrough

Newport County will be hosting Middlesbrough on Tuesday, hoping to preserve their five-match unbeaten streak in the FA Cup.

November last year, the Exiles defeated the Metropolitan Police 0-2 during the First Round of the cup. in the following month, they held a goalless draw with Wrexham in the Second Round. Over a week after, they hammered the Dragons 4-0 in the Second Round Replay.

They went on to beat the English top-tier club Leicester in the Third Round of the cup. In the Fourth Round, the Exiles held Middlesbrough in to a 1-1 draw, and they are set to rematch again on Tuesday.

Newport are an average team in the EFL League Two table, sitting at the 14th place. Their most recent match in the League Two concluded in a 3-0 loss to Grimsby town. The rest of their matches ended up in a series of wins and losses: 1-0 win over Exeter City, 3-2 defeat to Crewe Alexandra, 0-0 draw with Port Vale, and 1-0 loss to Stevenage FC, as well as 0-0 draw with Crawley Town and 1-4 fall to Forest Green.

Middlesbrough, on the other hand, thrashed Peterborough 5-0 earlier in the previous month in the FA Cup, and shared a 1-1 draw with the Exiles.

The Boro will be bragging a good standing in the EFL Championship League, sitting at the fifth place next to West Brom and above Bristol City. Their latest game in the English second-tier went into a 1-1 draw with Millwall. They also scored a 1-2 win over Birmingham, a 1-1 draw with Derby County, and a 2-0 victory against Ipswich Town.

The Exiles and the Boro are two great football teams and their draw suggests equal prowess – they will have to prove or disprove otherwise on Tuesday.

Wolves v Shrewsbury

The Wolves are coming back at home from Shrewsbury to host their former hosts the Shrews on Tuesday and settle down who is who in taking the domination over another.

Shrewsbury held the Wanderers into a 2-2 draw in the previous month’s Fourth Round FA Cup campaign, stunning the English top-tier teams.

The Wolves sure did not expected the equalizer as they just beat Liverpool earlier in the previous month during the Third Round of the FA Cup.

Back in the Premier League, the Wanderers fell to the seventh place after Manchester United beat Leicester to rise up to the fifth place in the English top-tier table. They also beat West Ham last week 3-0 and defeated a lousy Leicester 4-3.

Meanwhile, the Shrews are doing fine in the FA Cup, being unbeaten in all their six games so far. During the First Round back in November, they held Salford into a 1-1 draw and beat them afterwards 1-3. They also defeated Scunthope United 1-0. They shared a draw a 1-1 draw with Stoke City during the Third Round, only to win 2-3 against them afterwards.

To be able to grasp the context of how great is the Shrews’ draw with the Wolves, one must see the former’s standing in the English League One table. The Shrews are second to the bottom at 23 in the League One table with seven wins, ten draws, and 13 losses.

Furthermore, Shrewsbury lost 0-3 to Luton Town last Saturday and held a goalless draw with Blackpool, as well as a 0-3 defeat to Charlton and a 4-3 fall to Bradford.

The Shrews would struggle to at least hold a draw with the Wanderers, but the Wolves may have learned much in their latest match with Shrewsbury.

QPR v Portsmouth

Queens Park Rangers and Portsmouth will have a face-off at Loftus Road Stadium on Tuesday, hoping to add some fire to both their FA Cup campaigns.

Pompey are unbeaten in all their last four matches in the FA Cup and they will be struggling to preserve their form on Tuesday. November last year, they beat Maidenhead United 0-4 in the First Round. In the Second Round, they beat Rochdale 0-1, and defeated Norwich City 0-1 in the Third Round earlier in the previous month. Latter in the previous month, they shared a 1-1 draw with QPR.

Portsmouth have been unfortunate though in the English League One, with losses against Oxford United 2-1, Blackpool 0-1, and Luton Town 3-2. Nevertheless, they broke this losing streak as they scored a 1-1 draw with Doncaster.

Moreover, Pompey scored a 2-1 win over AFC Wimbledon earlier in January, and a 2-5 victory against Fleetwood latter in December.

On the other hand, the Hoops are currently under the spell of a three-game losing streak in the English second-tier with defeats to Wigan 2-1, Preston NE 1-4, and Sheffield United 1-0.

QPR also made a 2-2 draw with Aston Villa, as well a goalless draw with Reading and a 3-0 victory against Ipswich. Additionally, they beat Nottingham Forest 0-1 and Middlesbrough 2-1.

In the FA Cup, QPR are unbeaten as well, beating Leeds 2-1 during the Third Round earlier in the previous month. They continue to do so as their last match with Portsmouth concluded in a 1-1 draw.

The Hoops emerged as favourites in their match with Pompey on Tuesday, given the fact that they have a home court advantage. It is also worth noting that they are in a higher tier league compared to Portsmouth.

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