December 10, 2018

Champions League Asian Handicap Previews – 11th December Tuesday


This game will feature two sides from different slates. It will be interesting to see how a Belgian club deals with a premier Spanish club.

Atletico remains unbeaten in the last ten matches. They have kept clean sheets in the last four matches, and only got conceded once in the last ten games, showing an excellent defensive strength. However, their last away game in the Champions League was a 4-0 defeat to Dortmund.

Last Saturday, Atletico beat Alaves 3-0 in La Liga. Just three days before that, they humiliated Sant Andreu in the fourth round of Copa del Rey when they scored 4-0. Last month, they took Monaco 2-0 in the Champions League and Athletic Bilbao 3-2 in the Spanish Primera Division. The only draw in their last six matches was with Girona and Barcelona, both 1-1 in the Spanish top-tier.

Atletico kept six clean sheets in their last ten matches, while Brugge have only maintained five in their fifteen matches. The Belgian club also fell 3-1 in the first leg meeting but they still have their strength intact, having gone unbeaten in their last three matches in the Champions. They are, nonetheless, winless in the last seven Champions games at home, having lost five.

Last Friday, Brugge lost 1-2 to Waasland at the Belgian First Division A. In the second day of the month they beat Standard Liege 3-0 at the same division. They also lost to Waregem 1-3 and Charleroi 1-1 from the previous month.

Atletico just lost a mere two of their last ten away matches in the Champions, while their Belgian rivals are weak at home. Tuesday will surely be a tough day for Brugge.


Inter Milan’s place in the Europa League is guaranteed and they follow second-placed Tottenham only on head-to-head tables between them. But a Champions League fall seems  inevitable for them.

Inter Milan currently resides in the Champions League Group B with Tottenham, Barcelona, and eventual rivals PSV Eindhoven. Tottenham are at their best form today, and a Spurs win is most likely the result of a match between them and Barcelona. Whatever the result of an Inter game with Eindhoven, an impending doom will surely follow, as either of them would have to face the Spurs.

Inter has been proven to be weak in handling big teams. They failed to deliver a goal last Friday in their match with Juventus at the Italian Serie A. They also lost to Tottenham last month in the Champions. They only managed to win 3-0 against Frosinone in the Italian Serie A, and draw 2-2 with Roma.

Moreover, an Inter Milan victory is far from possible on Tuesday. Their Dutch rivals Eindhoven prop up the group and has next to zero hope of securing a place in the Europa, but they shall remain a dangerous challenger.

Since their 4-0 crash to Barcelona in the group opening, PSV Eindhoven, have not lost by more than one goal in any of their matches. While Inter lost their Friday match, PSV won 6-0 against Excelsior in the same day at the Dutch Eredivisie. They took three goals to win a game against Heerenveen, and four against De Graafschap. They have lost with at least a goal to flex on their defeats to Tottenham and Barcelona in the Champions, and to Feyenoord back home.

Eindhoven is having a much rougher time in the Group B, and yet again as they face Inter Milan. But the match will not be an easy win for the Italians though.


With three of the four teams still able to manage to finish top, Group C is probably the tightest block in the Champions League. Paris Saint-Germain, Napoli, and Liverpool are struggling to stand out from the rest of the group. PSG is left with a dilemma: a win will place them on top if Napoli fail to defeat Liverpool, but the latter’s victory would bring the French side to qualifications.

PSG, however, is feeling uncomfortable among the triumvirate. They lost their opening game to Liverpool and two matches against Napoli, leveling them in a single stratum. The French top team have been unbeaten in their last fifteen league and cup matches since their defeat to the English club, but their last two plays both ended in draws as their clean league record ended.

Back home in the Ligue 1, PSG held a draw with Strasbourg 1-1, and Bordeaux 2-2. But before that, they managed to complete a three-time winning streak. They scored a 1-0 win over Toulouse, and 4-0 against Monaco in the French top division. They also netted a 2-1 victory to Liverpool from the previous month.

PSG once defeated Red Star Belgrade 6-1 at home, but this rematch would be a lot rougher for the French, as the Serbians are proven to have an improving form. At home, they brag their win over Liverpool and draw with Napoli. Their away form betrays them though: they lost three matches and conceded 13 goals. Although Red Star settles at the bottom of the group, a speculative win over PSG will guarantee their place in the Europa League, given a Liverpool loss to Napoli.

A French domination is not far from possibility, but the rising European team Red Star would ensure that the win will not be easy.

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