July 6, 2018

Get To Know Two of the Best Female Players in Tennis History

Ace Queens: Graf and Williams

Women tennis athletes begun to rise a few decades after the prestigious world cup came to picture. From decades to decades women excelled in the said sports, but two legendary name filtered the list—Steffi Graf and Serena Williams; two of world’s perceived best female tennis player to appeared in Tennis History.

Two exceptional female players in the same sport, excelled at two different eras from 1990’s to 2000’s—do goal changes with time? Let’s take a look at how Graf and Williams’ record-breaking Tennis sports careers went remarkably for sports brokerage market over the years:

Unbeatable German Pride: Steffi Graf

Stefanie Maria or “Steffi Graf” is a native German Tennis player named as the Women Tennis Association’s greatest Female Tennis player of all time. She owned grossing records of 22 Grand Slam Single Titles, 107 Single Titles, and one of the of players who ever won three Grand Slam tournaments five times already during 1988, 1989, 1993, 1995 and 1996.

Her overall record? Just a track of 56 Grand Slam events up to 282–32 (89 percent), 75–7 at Wimbledon, 73–9 at the US Open,  87–10 at the French Open, and 47–6 at the Australian Open.

A Quick Fact:

She played her first tournament at the age of five and ranked as world’s No. 124 best tennis player when she reached 13 years old.

After She Retired

Steffi may be considered the greatest tennis gal there is, but that didn’t stop her from living a normal life outside the tennis court. Shortly after she was ranked as the world’s 3rd best player in 1999—she retired and tied the knot with another legendary male tennis player Andre Agassi the following year.

America’s Gem: Serena Williams

Serena Jameka Williams (widely known as Serena Williams) were perceived as the 2000’s modern Steffi Graf.  Williams played a fantastic 21 wins over 60 Grand Slam tournaments she’d participated throughout her career. She stayed as rank 1 throughout her career, owning a total of 253 weeks—a little close behind Graf’s 377 weeks. She’s only 37 by 2017 arrives—means she still can break tennis historic records she herself had created.

A Quick Fact:

She loses her first Grand Slam match to her yet to be professional tennis player sister, Verona Williams, ending with a loss on the game’s second round, 6-7, 1-6. What a way to deal with sport’s first few sprouts.

Latest Updates

By the start of 2017, Williams revealed she’s expecting a child—the same time if the coincidences are right—that she had competed and won the Australian open match. She gave birth to a little Serena by September 2017, and returned the following year to the tennis court by 2018 French open—but withdrew from the match because of a reported pectoral muscle issue.

Many may praise records these two women had proved throughout their careers, but future Tennis female athletes should look up after the triumphs  Williams and Graff had achieved. They weren’t just an established name in tennis sports history, but also a reminder that women can rule things—even sports, breaking the stereotyping norm that co-started along 20th century.

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