Oman v Turkmenistan

Oman and Turkmenistan will meet on Thursday for their Asian Cup clash. Any advancement from the group seems unlikely for both Oman and Turkmenistan now which means both of these sides will have to settle for competing for the third-placed teams in the group stages.

Oman obviously tried their very best to bag some victory from their last several matches in the competition. However, they still lacked the determination and the level of performance to come out victorious against their much more superior opponents. Oman were forced to settle with defeats in both matches since they weren’t able to deliver both a good attack and defense. One good thing about Oman though is that they were able to limit the number of goals conceded since their record states that both their upsets were for a one-goal margin. Winning the Gulf Cup in 2017, Oman will want to try their best and make a name for the international scene in their match against another weak side on Thursday.

On the other hand, Turkmenistan was greatly defeated by Japan and Uzbekistan in the tournament. Their defence was vulnerable enough that they let seven goals cruise past them. Ahmet Atayew and his men seem to be a lost cause in the competition. This is Turkmenistan’s third appearance in the Asian Cup but they are the most inexperienced side in the group. However, their display of performances has been better than expected. In a group with both Japan and Uzbekistan, there weren’t any opportunities for them to hope for a group winner title.

Japan v Uzbekistan

An exciting fixture is about to take place on Saturday when Japan take on Uzbekistan on Thursday. Japan and Uzbekistan will battle each other for the group champion title in the Group F of the Asian Cup tournament. Both sides will come into this fixture with an outstanding record with two victories in two of their last matches. Both are also ready to claim the honour of being the group champions. Both are ready and confident to take on each other but which side wants the title more?

Oman and Turkmenistan already lost the opportunity in securing a place in the knockout stages. Japan have high hopes for their squad who almost caused an upset against Belgium during the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia last summer. The way they play football was a breath of fresh air for other teams in Asia since they are considered one of the greatest football teams in the competition. Even though Japan took some time in hitting their stride in the beginning of the competition, the clash against Uzbekistan will surely end with goals from both sides considering the quality of play they both always manage to deliver. The only thing the Samurai Blues need to do in order to secure a win on Thursday is to improve their defensive strategy.

Uzbekistan, on the other hand, were able to deliver quite an impressive performance when they demolished Turkmenistan during the last outing when they recorded a 4-0 thrashing. As a result of that victory, Uzbekistan currently sit at the top spot of the Group F. They are great in terms of goal-scoring which could cause a few problems for Japan especially since their defence is a bit shaky. It is also important to consider that Uzbekistan were able to notch a total of six goals from just two of their previous fixtures in the competition.

Saudi Arabia v Qatar

The Group E in the Asian Cup tournaments currently consists of conflicting combination of teams. While both Saudi Arabia and Qatar were able to deliver stellar performances in both of their previous fixtures, the remaining two in the group, North Korea and Lebanon, are currently encountering quite a miserable campaign. Nevertheless, it now comes down to the top nations in the group whether they will qualify for the knockout stages. Two extremely skilled attacking teams will take the field as Saudi Arabia and Qatar meet on Thursday for their Asian Cup clash.

Both sides boast perfect records in the tournament when they come into this matchup. They also managed to avoid conceding goals in any of these matches. Quite a stunning and entertaining game should take place when these two teams meet on Thursday since they are both aiming to become the group champions. Goals will definitely be notched up since this match is a decider on who will come out on top of the group table. Qatar will want to keep their records clean and perfect since they will become the face of the world football since it is reported that they will host the next FIFA World Cup tournament.

Juan Antonio Pizzi’s side were also able to record a combined score of 6-0 in their first two rounds of the tournament, while their opponents managed an impressive 8-0. Saudi Arabia have not yet seen a side quite like Qatar but they definitely have the ability to cruise past them considering their performances lately.                                                                                                                                                                                                     

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