Hammarby v Elfsborg

This is a game with two faces. Hammarby really needs to bounce back after the heavy loss in the derby against AIK. Elfsborg won last round but still need points to be safe from relegation. Hammarby now have to secure a spot to Europe next season, but this game they will have to without two key players.

Striker Nikola Djurdjic and wingback Neto Borges are both suspended here. That will give the coach Billborn some headache since Hammarby doesn’t have any real replacement on this two positions. Also, Hammarby is in a bad trend at the moment with one point in the last three games.

Elfsborg is in a better shape. Four games in a row without a loss and finally a win last round. No suspensions or major injuries and the key striker Obasi has scored in both of the last two games. But still, Elfsborg are only four points clear from the playoff spot.

I think this will be a very tight game. Tight schedule, some changes in Hammarby and also the fact that Hammarby will play without a real striker makes me believe that this game will be a tough fight. Elfsborg will probably be happy with a goalless draw and I think Hammarby has looked a bit tired lately, especially some of the offensive key players.

Asian Total Goals Betting Recommendation: Under 2.50 goals at 1.380

IFK Norrköping v Malmö FF

This game will decide if one of the teams will compete for the title this season. IFK Norrköping are six points behind AIK, Malmö are eight points behind. That means none of the teams will be happy with a draw here. This game will be a fun one to watch.

IFK Norrköping is in great shape. Seven straight games without a loss and four wins in the last five means that IFK Norrköping still have a chance. They now are second in the table with six points up. Squad situation looks good since both Smith and Dagerstål was back from injury last round.

Malmö have the best form in the league. 12 straight without a loss, 8 wins in a row. That’s some form. Here they have their captain and best player Markus Rosenberg suspended, that’s a massive blow for the guests, but still, a lot of the other key players looks to be in great shape.

This game must be a fun one with chances at both ends. None of the team will be happy with a draw, none of the teams affords to draw and both of the teams look strong in the attack at the moment. Malmö rested players like Rieks and Antonsson in the last round, they will be motivated and hungry here. IFK Norrköping at home always plays an attacking football.

Asian Total Goals Betting Recommendation:  Over 2.50 goals at 0.790

IFK Göteborg v AIK

A classic Swedish game with a lot of history and rivalry. In modern time, we usually find the teams in the top of the league. But this season IFK Göteborg is having a bit of a nightmare and AIK is marching one towards the title. A win here would put the guests even closer…

This text is being written on Monday and IFK Göteborg play tonight against Häcken in a derby. That means one day less than AIK to prepare for this game. IFK Göteborg can get some players suspended against AIK and will probably be more tired. Also – the form isn’t good. Three straight without a win, could be four if they don’t win the derby against Häcken.

The win against Hammarby gave a klot of energy to AIK who now is six points clear at the top of the table. No new injuries and no suspensions here gives AIK the chance of using the same lineup as in the derby. They probably will.

AIK is a better team than IFK Göteborg this season. Also, if we look at IFK Göteborg they haven’t kept a clean sheet since 28 of July. I also think that the schedule is something that gives AIK an advantage here. One day more in terms of preparation is quite important when it comes to this tight schedule.

Asian Handicap Betting Recommendation: AIK -0.50 at 0.810

Preview by: @csvanemar.

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