August 5, 2017

Allsvenskan Asian Handicap Previews – Saturday 5th August


The North Derby is a quite interesting game with Östersund who aims high and Sundsvall who wants to renew the contract. Östersund has a busy schedule but has been performing well. GIF Sundsvall is in big danger even if they’ve played OK recently.

GIF Sundsvall has one big key missing here – Krogh-Gerson on the midfield. He is important for the balance and without him, Sundsvall can get some problems with Östersunds technical midfield.

Östersund will probably rotate a bit here since they played on Thursday evening in the Europa League, but the replacements are decent and it shouldn’t damage the game plan at all.

To be fair, it should be quite a big difference between these two teams and even if Östersund comes from a busy schedule I think they will perform here since they then get a full week free from games. Sundsvall will probably play very balanced and defensive and that will fit Östersund well.

Asian Handicap Betting Recommendation: Östersund -0.5 at 2.210


AIK comes from a huge loss that probably has damaged both physique and confidence in the squad. 120 minutes on Thursday night, in Portugal, in a game that ended after midnight. Not the best way to prepare for this battle.
Sirius is for real. They have shown us during the season that it doesn’t really matter how they format, if key players are missing or if they play away or at home. They keep on playing. New striker Maholli has delivered right away.

AIK will be tired, but since they now are out of Europa League, they must go for the three points here. It will be very interesting to see how coach Norling will start in this game.

Normally AIK has been a very defensive side. With the new signings Obasi and Stefanelli I think that will change. Both of the teams must win and if we have 1-1 with 20-30 minutes to go I think we will see two teams that go for the three points and that’s why I choose to play goals here.

Asian Handicap Betting Recommendation: Over 2.25 Goals at 1.970


This is the biggest game of the round, with the two best teams facing each other on Tele2 Arena. Malmö is 10 points ahead and should be really motivated here since they are out of Europe. Djurgården has a lot of confidence and will have a big crowd in their back here.

Djurgården has one problem – Magnus Eriksson is suspended against his old team. Radetinac will probably replace but still, it is a big loss since Eriksson creates a lot of chances and has been scoring some goals.

Malmö has a full squad here and is able to put a very strong side on the field, and also a lot of potential on the bench. That is also the reason why they are 10 points a head.

This is always a fun game to watch. Djurgården normally likes to face Malmö and shouldn’t show any respect here. Malmö is, by far, a better team than Djurgården but for some reason, they don’t like to face them. I think we will see an open game with a lot of chances. The duel between Rosenberg in Malmö and Olsson in Djurgården will be very interesting…

Asian Handicap Betting Recommendation: Over 2.5 at 1.880

By Christoffer Svanemar – @csvanemar for @FootballUtd.

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